Allen Shopping Mall Shooting Aftermath Videos: What we Know about the suspect?

Allen Mall shooting
Post shooting scenes of Allen mall shooting


At least eight people were murdered and seven more were injured on Saturday in a mass shooting in Allen Premium Outlets mall in Allen, Texas, according to authorities. Let’s see more about the Allen Mall shooting in detail.

Allen Mall shooting explained:

Multiple people were killed in the mass shooting that happened in Allen, Texas, in the parking lot of the outlet mall.

At 3:36 p.m., an Allen police officer responded to the shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets and engaged “the suspect and neutralized the threat,” according to police.

Allen, Texas’s police chief Brian Harvey announced at a press conference that the gunman, who investigators believe to be acting alone and whose motive is yet unknown, was shot and killed by a police officer after he started firing outside of the Allen Premium Outlets mall.

Allen Shopping Mall Shooting Aftermath Videos
People leaving the mall with their hand raised (Source: Reuters)


The incident was described as an “unspeakable tragedy” by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) in a statement released Saturday afternoon. He also pledged “the full support of the State of Texas to local officials to ensure all necessary assistance and resources are swiftly deployed.”

Who is the suspect?

The gunman suspect arrived by car and stopped at H&M. He began firing right away, according to the eyewitness. Witnesses says that he worn a black outfit.

There was a “pile of bodies, including children,” in front of the H&M sign; at least nine people were killed, and the suspect was later determined to be dead.

Allen shopping suspect
The suspect was seen dead on the ground outside a restaurant location at the mall (Source: Reddit)


The shooter appears to be wearing body armour and has an AR-15-style rifle nearby. His chest gear also has numerous spare magazines attached.

The suspect’s vehicle was later identified by the officers and was being examined by the bomb squad as a precaution. The officers have not yet revealed the name of the suspect.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from the Allen Mall after eyewitnesses reported a man firing indiscriminately at passers-by. The motive behind the shooting is not known.

Rep. Keith Self (R-Texas) stated that although there were numerous casualties, including children, investigators were “unsure” of the shooter’s motivation. Social media videos showed people escaping through the parking lot. 

What happened at Allan Mall?

Officials confirmed Saturday night that eight people were murdered in a shooting at an outlet mall in Dallas, and seven more are being treated in trauma centers. The shooter, who police suspect acted alone, is also dead.

Jonathan Boyd, the fire chief for Allen, Texas, reported that at least nine individuals were sent to hospitals. Two of the people we carried have since passed away. Four are stable, while three are in critical surgery, according to Boyd.

According to a Dallas-area medical facility, victims as young as 5 years old were being treated. Authorities in Allen responded to the midday gunshot at Allen Premium Outlets, forcing customers and employees to shelter.

Victims of Allen shopping mall shooting
At least seven people are being treated in hospital (Source: Facebook)


Medical City Health Care reported that at least 8 people who were aged between 5 to 61 years old are being treated there.

Aftermath Videos:

According to police, the shooter was killed by an Allen officer. Hundreds of consumers were seen leaving the area on video taken from above, many of them had their hands raised.

Videos circulating online shows at least three victims covered in sheets seemed to be outside the mall. 

Brian Harvey, the police chief in Allen, outlined the method used to execute the shooter.

“One of our officers was on an unrelated call at the outlet mall,” Harvey added. He responded to the gunshots after hearing them, confronted the perpetrator, and subdued him.

As they gather evidence, US authorities are requesting that members of the public who have video from the incident contact the FBI.


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