Aaron Shadow Mbonani, Former Ikwekwezi FM Sportscaster died, Cause of death Explained

Aaron "Shadow" Mbonani

Former Ikwekwezi FM legendary sportscaster Aaron “Shadow” Mbonani has passed away. Let’s see what happened to him and Aaron Shadow Mbonani cause of death in this article.

What happened to Aaron Shadow Mbonani?

The passing news of Aaron Shadow Mbonani was reported by Mbonani News Hub on their official Facebook page, their statement reads,

Former Ikwekwezi FM legendary sportscaster Aaron “Shadow” Mbonani has passed away. He was reportedly hospitalized in a few days back and lost the battle against the illness at Philadelphia Hospital last night. A trailblazer and encyclopedia of sports dating back to 1986 at formerly Radio Ndebele now Ikwekwezi FM until 2021.

Aaron Shadow Mbonani cause of death:

Mbonani, a former Ikwekwezi FM sport commentator, passed away on December 2, 2023. His cause of death was an illness. However, the type of illness he suffered was not disclosed yet.

In order to learn more about Mbonani’s death, we are attempting to get in touch with his friends and family. This section will be updated as soon as we learn any new information regarding his illness.

Mbonani died at Philadelphia Hospital last night after a battle with illness. His friends and family shared their heartfelt condolence messages and tributes to Aaron.

Who was Aaron Shadow Mbonani?

Aaron Shadow Mbonani also known as Ganadlha was a former Ikwekwezi FM legendary sportscaster.

He worked at SABC Ikwekwezi FM from 1986 at Ikwekwezi FM until 2021. Ikwekwezi FM, formerly known as Radio Ndebele. The voice of Aaron was heard at the wedding of Radio Ndebele in 1986.

Tributes to Aaron Shadow Mbonani:

Growing Unitedly GU – NGO posted,

Aaron ‘Shadow’ Mbonani, Ganadlha, the former Ikwekwezi FM Sport Commentator took an eternal sleep.

Thulani Skosana posted,

We have lost a Ndebele nation!
Aaron Shadow Mbonani (Ganadlha) … Ikwekwezi FM at Sports, rest in peace Mlotshwa. Not emndenini na family.

Bethal Ebumnandini posted,

Rip Aaron Shadow Mbonani, From iKwekwezi Fm.

Undzundza neenkhali zebhosa PTY LTD posted,

Uyidlalile yakhe indima. Rest in eternal peace, Aaron Shadow Mbonani

Veg Mbonani posted,

Mlotjwa khulungwane, With deepest sympathy(Mr Aaron Shadow Mbonani) sekaphumulile Goodnight Babu Mbonani


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