Why Nyonisela Sioh filed to divorce his wife ? NeNe Leakes boyfriend divorce story

why Nyonisela Sioh filed to divorce his wife ? NeNe Leakes boyfriend divorce story

NeNe Leakes’ boyfriend wants to put a stop to their marriage. Let’s see why Nyonisela Sioh filed to divorce his wife and NeNe Leakes’ boyfriend’s divorce story in detail.

Why did Nyonisela Sioh file to divorce his wife?

Nyonisela Sioh has filed for divorce against his wife, NeNe Leakes. All while his ex-wife, Malomine Tehmeh Sioh is entangled in a lawsuit with his new girlfriend.

Nyonisela divorced NeNe Leakes

Nyonisela Sioh, the ‘RHOA’ star’s current SO, has just filed for divorce from Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh, who recently sued NeNe over her relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband.

Malomine Tehmeh’s statement:

Malomine Sioh, his former wife, has filed for divorce from Nyonisela Sioh, claiming that NeNe embarrassed her in public by swiping him.

According to the documents, Nyonisela and Malomine have been married since 2016 and have a child together. Additionally, they had split up on September 19, 2021, months before He and Nene were spotted together for the first time in December of that same year.

The following portion is noteworthy; he claims that they separated after the jump and haven’t gotten back together since. He also notes that the separation was intended to last forever.

Divorce story:

As was previously reported, Malomine sued Leakes for $100,000 in June, accusing her of being a “homewrecker” who destroyed her marriage and caused her mental pain, sorrow, and loss of love. The lawsuit was brought in North Carolina, one of the seven states that allow a husband or wife to bring an alienation of affection claim against a lover for monetary damages.

The reality star and her spouse, according to Malomine, “engaged in an ongoing romantic, uninhibited, and adulterous affair without her knowledge or consent.” That might be relevant to her own legal dispute with NeNe which essentially boils down to her accusing NeNe of having an affair with her spouse and wrecking their marriage while suing over what she believes was a homewrecker situation, reportedly putting her through emotional pain.

According to Nyonisela, there was no overlap between his split from Malomine and his new connection to NeNe. But it’s unclear precisely when they started dating NeNe. Even before December 2021, they were captured in a snapshot together.

Nyonisela has filed a rather easy petition, asking for the dissolution of their marriage and an equitable division of their assets, promptly.

The fashion designer is requesting a divorce of the marriage with an equitable allocation of their assets on the grounds that his relationship with Leakes did not overlap with his separation from Malomine.

Only a few months after NeNe’s husband Gregg Leakes passed away from colon cancer in September of 2021, NeNe and Nyonisela made their relationship public in December of that same year.

What is the people’s reaction?

Andrea Thompson commented,

I want to say something about the silver fox but Nene is older so it works. I just can’t get used to silver foxes. I get the shivers just thinking about it.

Babirye Sania commented,

Why would I even fight for a fool who has publicly left and humiliated me. Women, we need to stop this embarrassment of ourselves.

Reeco Suave commented,

He was obviously leaving his wife regardless of nene not to mention that doesn’t mean he’s gonna run and marry Ne Ne either

Kaydi Versitile commented,

What did he expect to sue him yes? Y’all men love to play with people’s life too much.

Kaysha Spearman commented,

They have been separated forever… That woman has a boyfriend.


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