Who was Landon Maccubbins? What happened to the 8-year-old? Choking incident Explained


Who was Landon Maccubbins? What happened to the 8-year-old? Choking incident Explained

An 8-year-old Kentucky boy dies after choking on a bouncy ball during class. Let’s see Who was Landon Maccubbins and What happened to the 8-year-old in detail


  • After an eight-year-old child in the US state of Kentucky choked on a bouncing ball, his family has been distraught.
  • According to the local ABC affiliate WHAS11, Landon McCubbins was at his Nelson County school when he started to choke on the ball.
  • Landon was taken to the closest hospital by firefighters who were nearby doing an exercise.
  • Then, he and his mother were flown to Norton Children’s Hospital, where he passed away.


What happened to the 8-year-old?

Kentucky’s NELSON COUNTY (WKRC) – A small town in Kentucky is grieving the death of a young kid who perished in a horrible accident.

Landon McCubbins, 8, died on Monday night after allegedly choking on a bouncy ball while in school at the Boston School. His mom arrived at the school quickly. Before having them airlifted to the hospital, first responders started trying to save their lives.

His aunt Emma McCubbins said, “He just choked on a ball, something you never imagine, with a kid that little, you would have to worry about something like that.”

Doctors attempted to save him, but they were unable. His mother, Lauren Bagshaw, remarked, “You never plan to bury a baby.”

Who was Landon Maccubbins?

The eldest of four children, Landon was. In Bardstown, his family runs a farm. Emma said, “We never would have believed we would bury him. We anticipated that he would bury us all because that is how it is meant to go.

Really an Adorable boy

Niki King, the principal of Boston School, wrote a letter to the parents of the pupils on Tuesday. It reads, “Landon was dearly adored by his classmates and instructors.”

“The best way to characterize Landon is as a helpful and amiable student who enjoyed going to school. He was such a fantastic hugger and passionate about farming, according to Boston employees.”

According to his obituary, Landon enjoyed chatting with everyone and making their day. It reads, “He loved to read, draw, play video games, and was very tech-savvy. He was the best big brother to his four siblings when he was at home.

Landon was a wonderful youngster, according to his aunt, and it’s vital to remember and discuss that. Keep telling those tales, Emma said. “Maintain his memory. We merely want everyone to know what an amazing guy our son was.”

Family and loved ones mourn Landon’s death

He had a special fondness for large trucks. It need not be a large truck. Even he liked all of them. He would always tell me about the trucks in the pick-up line when I picked him up from school. Also, he would exclaim, ‘Mum, look at that 2500,'” Lauren recalled in a Facebook post.

Lauren claimed that to save her son, the school and emergency personnel gave it their all. “Every single person did their utmost to save my baby.

He wasn’t aware of the risk associated with the game he was playing, which led to the odd accident that occurred, the author claimed in another Facebook post. The employees at the school, the Boston firefighters, the police, Flaget’s staff, the kosair crew, and the helicopter crew all made every effort to save him.

“We can’t focus on the would have, should have, or could have,” said Landon after trying so hard. We have to keep Landon in mind.
that exceptional, exceptional boy

The school Landon attended paid tribute to him in a letter sent home to families.

“Landon was loved deeply by his classmates and teachers,” the Boston School letter reads, adding he was a great hugger who had a passion for farming.


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