Who was Keniqua Dachelle King? Rosharon woman found dead after boyfriend’s death, what happened ? Explained

Keniqua Dachelle King

A 28-year-old woman was found Shot to Death Near Dump Truck Service in Rosharon and was identified by investigators as Keniqua Dachelle King. Let’s see who was Keniqua Dachelle King and what happened to Rosharon woman in detail.

Who was Keniqua Dachelle King?

Keniqua Dachelle King was a 28-year-old woman from the Rosharon, state of Texas. She had sustained several gunshot wounds when her body was discovered Tuesday afternoon close to FM 521 and FM 1462, according to Brazoria County authorities.

Authorities said that they are investigating a person of interest but provided no further details. The death of a 28-year-old woman found shot in Rosharon is now being investigated as a homicide, according to authorities. King also leaves behind a small daughter.

What happened to Keniqua Dachelle King?

Keniqua Dachelle King was shot by an unknown suspect. “We do have a person of interest at this point. We’re not going to release it due to the investigation,” Sgt. Clint Lobpries, of the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division, said. “It’s somebody that’s connected to her. It’s not somebody that’s just out there killing people.”

According to King’s family, she was a generous person with a large heart. Vickie, the victim’s mother Vickie Gill, says she’s devastated by the loss of her youngest daughter. Her mother Gill says, King was shot nine times in the head before being discovered in a field less than a mile from her home on Tuesday evening.

The final report from the medical examiner’s office must be received before investigators with the Brazoria County Sheriff’s Office can corroborate those specifics.

Gill claims she last saw her daughter on Sunday. King informed her mother she was going to Angleton to see a car, but she was never heard from again. She claims that after filing a missing person report, she learned on Tuesday that her daughter had been murdered.

Is King’s death related to her boyfriend’s death?

It is reported that, King’s boyfriend was passed away on Monday. Sgt. Lobpries stated, declining to specify how long she looked to have been there, “It appeared that she had been there for some time.”

Moreover, the sergeant informed King’s boyfriend died on Monday. She died in a double deadly crash a half mile from where her lifeless body was found. They are looking into possible connections between the two events, which occurred a day apart.

Sgt. Lobpries requests that you get in touch with the sheriff’s office. If you know anything about the victim or anyone who might want to harm her.


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