Who was Donovan Lewis? Why did the Ohio officer kill the black man? Covered

Donovan Lewis

The officer-involved shooting on Tuesday that took Donovan Lewis’ life has been referred to a state agency by the Columbus Division of Police for an investigation. Let’s see Donovan Lewis.


Donovan Lewis

A Black guy who was unarmed was shot by police in Ohio, according to body camera footage released by the police.

Around 2:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Donovan Lewis, 20, was shot by police as they tried to execute a felony warrant at an apartment in Columbus’ 3200 block of Sullivant Avenue, according to the Columbus Division of Police.

Who Shot Lewis?

By Columbus Police, Ricky Anderson, a 30-year member of the force assigned to the canine section, was identified as the officer who shot Lewis.

Elaine Bryant, the chief of the Columbus Police Department, revealed during a news conference on Tuesday that officers had banged on a second-floor apartment’s door for up to 10 minutes before anyone replied.

Is the officer arrested, anyone?

Officers arrested two guys who were inside the residence, and a K9 team was called in to aid in the search.

Officers can be seen searching the flat for Lewis in body camera footage. Lewis was wanted on a felony warrant for domestic violence and assault as well as illegal handling of a handgun.

Where the dog walk?

The dog can be seen walking about the kitchen and barking at a bedroom door in the video.

An officer replies, “We’re going to send that dog in,” just before Anderson moves to hold the door back and opens the bedroom door.

Where is Lewis sitting?

Anderson may be seen firing a shot in less than a second, striking Lewis while he was sitting up on a bed.

One of the officers can be heard shouting “Hands” repeatedly. Lewis is repeatedly told to “crawl out” by him, but he stays on the bed lying face down.

A short while later, one of the officers remarked, “Cover me, I’m going in.”


What the officer heard?

An officer in the room can be heard repeating, “I need cuffs, I’m out of cuffs,” in the footage. Do it right away, hands behind your back.

Lewis is heard groaning as a cop lifts his right arm and tries to place it behind his back. The officer commands Lewis, who is still lying face down on the bed, to “Stop restraining.”

Lewis is then seen being carried out of the bedroom by police while still having his hands behind his back.

When do the medical personnel arrives?

Until medical personnel arrived and brought Lewis to Grant Medical Center in critical condition, according to police, officers provided aid. According to authorities, he was declared dead at the hospital at 3:19 in the morning.

Bryant claimed that Anderson opened fire as Lewis seemed to raise a hand that contained an object.

Bryant claimed that Lewis looked to be carrying a vape pen when he was shot even though no gun was found at the scene.


What does the Ohio Bureau of Criminal inquiry say?

Ohio Bureau of Criminal Inquiry is conducting the investigation into the shooting (BCI).

The event, which was the first deadly police shot in three incidents over an eight-day period, triggered protests outside the offices of the Columbus Police Department on Tuesday.

The NAACP branch in Columbus demanded that the BCI launch a “thorough, comprehensive, and immediate” inquiry in a statement made available to Newsweek.

The statement read, “These instances leave behind distraught family members, unresolved concerns from the community, and a further rift between the people and the police department.”



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