How did Neena Pacholke die? Wisconsin anchor cause of death

who is Neena Pacholke

A tragic heartbreak had previously troubled the Wisconsin news anchor who died by apparent suicide when her high school boyfriend passed away. Let’s see who is Neena Pacholke, how did she die, what happened, and what was her cause of death.

How did Neena Pacholke die?

When her high school sweetheart passed away in 2016 from a rare form of brain cancer, the Wisconsin news anchor who died by apparent suicide had previously endured a heartbreaking tragedy.

Neena Pacholke had lost her first love, Jordan Harris, when he was only 18 years old. She was about to be married in less than two months.

Neena Pacholke Cause of death

Following her weekend death, a Wisconsin television station held a memorial service for one of its news anchors on Tuesday.

After authorities were dispatched to check on their wellbeing, her corpse was found at a Wausau residence early on Saturday morning, according to Wausau Police Capt. Ben Graham.

According to Graham, Pacholke may have made suicidal remarks that led to the welfare check. No wrongdoing is believed, he declared.

The manner and cause of death were kept private. An inquiry for details was not immediately answered by the Marathon County medical examiner.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Neena Pacholke cause of death will be added soon.

who is Neena Pacholke?

Neena Pacholke, 27, worked as a midday anchor and morning co-anchor at WAOW in Wausau.Neena was prepared for her impending nuptials in less than two months. Jordan and Neena were scheduled to start their freshman year shortly before that.

who is Neena Pacholke

Neena Pacholke Personal Life

Before the two were set to begin their first year at the University of South Florida, Harris, who had been diagnosed with primitive neuroectodermal tumours in 2011, passed away. He had battled the disease twice before his death.

In an interview published by Moffitt Cancer Center in 2016, three years after Harris passed away, the WAOW anchor, who passed away on Saturday and was remembered by family, friends, and coworkers for her contagious smile and upbeat demeanour, talked about losing her first love.

“I only recall sitting there with everyone else surrounding him. I recall being by his side when he passed away. Although I always promised to be there for him, I knew it would be difficult, Pacholke added.

According to Pacholke in the video, Harris and Pacholke became friends before starting a relationship after meeting in biology class during Pacholke’s freshman year of high school.

In a blog post titled “Kids Get Illness Too,” Pacholke also discussed her boyfriend and her aspirations for more funding for childhood cancer.

“The love of my life received his angel wings from a rare form of brain cancer thirteen months and eighteen days ago. He is the primary inspiration for my blog theme and will always serve as my source of motivation, she said in a previous article.


Tribute to Neena Pacholke

CaliforniaRealtorCristy said,

Neena Pacholke, a Wisconsin News Anchor, 27, who was actively working to raise awareness of child sex trafficking has been suicided. Family said that she had no reason to hurt herself. Are you noticing how all these people are ending up dead?

Laurie Pacholke said,

While I am not ready to say much, We appreciate the love and support we are receiving. Please know Neena was receiving treatment for her mental health. She had every resource possible available to her and it still wasn’t enough. Fly high baby girl

Ally Peters said,

I am blown away by the community’s generosity. More than $12,000 in 24 hours. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Neena and her family during this time. All additional money will be going towards mental health resources and awareness.

Joey Knight said,

“Sometimes you just don’t know what people are going through, no matter how much you think you know someone,” Kaitlynn Pacholke said of younger sister Neena. “She was loved by everybody. She was so good at her job.”

Jose Fernandez said,

We are devastated on the loss of former @USFWBB player Neena Pacholke. Our prayers are with the Pacholke family during this extremely difficult time. Please keep them in your thoughts.

Jon Gordon said,

I just learned of the tragic passing of Neena Pacholke, a TV anchor in Wisconsin. Her last Tweet was a retweet from me. I’m devastated and it breaks my heart to hear it was an apparent suicide of someone who, on the surface to others, appeared to have it all together…



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