Who is Victor Brinza? How did the Moldovan climber die at the Mount Everest? Explained


Who is Victor Brinza? How did the Moldovan climber die at the Mount Everest? Explained

Victor Brinza from Moldova passed away at Camp 4 on Everest today. (Credit: Facebook)

A mountaineer from the Republic of Moldova died on the morning of May 17 in Camp IV on Everest. Victor Brînza has passed away after falling ill on the South Coast, Nepalese officials say.

The sad news of Victor Brinza’s passing adds another tragic name to the growing list of fatalities on Everest this climbing season. Six people’s lives have been lost to the mountain so far this season.

On the perilous Everest slopes before Brinza’s terrible death, four Sherpa climbers and an American doctor also met with catastrophic mishaps.

People were anxious to know what happened to him and about his life as soon as this awful news began to circulate online. Here is what we have learned about him and the circumstances surrounding Victor Brinza’s passing.

Tragic Death: A Moldovan climber died on Mount Everest

On Wednesday morning, May 17, a Moldovan mountaineer died, in the IV camp on Mount Everest. Victor Brînza passed away after being hurt at the South Col (a sharp-edged corner between Mount Everest and Lhotse), according to the Himalayan and TV8.

Nepal’s Department of Tourism statement

“The climber fell sick while pushing for the peak. Efforts are being made to bring his body to the base camp and then airlift it to Kathmandu,” Yubraj Khatiwada, director of the mountaineering section at Nepal’s Department of Tourism, told Xinhua news agency.

This season, the death toll on Everest has reached six. Earlier, four Sherpa climbers and an American doctor lost their lives on Everest.

Victor Brînza (Melnic) Final Facebook post

Victor Brînza, found on Facebook with the name Melnic, who was reported to have died on the way to Mount Everest, is a Moldovan rider living in Italy. The last public post he wrote on his account was on April 25.

Hello, I apologize that I have not written anything very bad with the internet for a long time, as it is to write, yes, it reached ABS on Saturday, and since then it snows every day, tomorrow is the best to get up to the field 2 for acclimatization lasts about 3 days, I am ready to attack, I hug you and wish you have a good day !!!

Good morning everyone, I apologize that I haven’t written any problems with local wifi for a long time, we have to win some contracts with Telebit also in ABS, I arrived at Everest Base Camp on Saturday and it snows every day, tomorrow if everything is ok we leave on field 1 then on field 2 then there We stop for a night first, everything lasts about 3 days, I am ready to attack, hugs and have a nice day!!!

Who is Victor Brinza?

Victor was a member of a team that Himalayan Traverse Adventure, a prominent adventure organization well recognized for its climbing endeavors.

As word of the dead climber from Moldova spread, preparations are being made to bring his body to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.

The difficult trek to bring Victor back is full of logistical difficulties, which highlights the dangers and complexity of mountaineering expeditions even more.

Sixth Fatality

Himalayan Traverse Adventure led a climbing expedition for Brinza. Only the team’s arrival at Camp 3 last Friday was announced on the outfitter’s Facebook page. They released the image below a couple of days ago.

Victor Brinza is the man with the mustache and headgear. The sixth death on Everest this climbing season is Brinza. A serac collapse in the Icefall claimed the lives of three Nepalis; a U.S. climber died in Camp 2; and Phurba Sherpa, a member of the Nepali Army team, reportedly passed away yesterday while descending from the summit.

The climbing community grieves the passing of one of its own and supports Victor’s friends and family during this trying time.

He always wanted to reach higher and reached the highest point of our galaxy – the sky! We would like to remind you that the Moldovan was discovered to have become ill at the South Col (southern slope).

Climbers proceed along the “eaves pass” up the slender southeast ridge starting from the South Peak. This segment of the ascent is the most hazardous; one wrong step can cause a fall of 2,400 meters on the South Slope or 3,050 meters on the Kangshung Slope.


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