Who is the BBC star got stripper pregnant? People’s Opinion Covered

A BBC star got a stripper pregnant: A “famous BBC celebrity” allegedly fathered a child out of wedlock with a stripper before dumping her and denying fatherhood. Let’s see who the BBC star got a stripper pregnant and People’s Opinion in detail.

Who is the BBC star got stripper pregnant? People's Opinion Covered


Who is the BBC star got a stripper pregnant?

The unidentified celebrity is the subject of allegations made by a woman who claims she had a six-month relationship with the top presenter, who allegedly reportedly scrawled his “renowned catchphrase” across her chest before she became pregnant and was promptly dumped amid calls for a DNA test.

According to reports, the celebrity has not maintained a relationship with either the mother or the child and has no touch with either.

Although the exact date of the alleged romance and the child’s age is unknown, it is asserted that the daughter is aware of who her father is “and is believed to be eager to meet him.”

UPDATE:  Did Stripper Reveal the star’s identity?

BBC star got a stripper pregnant: “SHE’S NOT TROUBLED,” The hidden lovechild of a BBC celebrity informs her former stripper mother that she does not wish to meet her renowned father.

The TV personality said in an interview:

“At first, she was excited, but after everything that happened, she decided she doesn’t want to meet him just yet. She is unconcerned. She is content with the current state of affairs for the time being, but that could change in the future.

“I also don’t want to take any action. 

I decided to raise my child as a single mother, and I’ll keep doing that.

“My family is my top priority, and things are good here. 

Even though we don’t have much money, we are a unit, and I want to protect them.

Last week, a woman who spoke under the condition of anonymity described how the singer approached her at a bar and asked for her phone number.

Days later, the well-known figure who had signed her top called, and for the next six months, they had torrid encounters in five-star hotels.

But as soon as she told him she was pregnant he lowered her by text and ordered his lawyers to obtain a gagging order to stop her from wrecking his TV career.

He has had no contact with his daughter or her mum and has not paid a penny in child maintenance.

The stripper said: “As soon as I told him I was pregnant he said he couldn’t have kids and refused she was his.”

He later agreed to take part in a DNA test that showed a “familial match” with the star but not a paternal link.

It implies that one of his male ancestors or the star caused her to become pregnant. 

She thinks he cheated on the exam. “At the moment, I was more outraged that he hadn’t accepted responsibility,” the dancer remarked. 

Without a cent from him, I was left to handle everything on my own. “I was young, stupid, expecting my first child, and terrified. He requested that I sign a nondisclosure contract that forbade me from ever discussing it. I received no payment.

“I simply did what I was instructed, grinned, signed the necessary documents, and then continued on my merry way.

“I don’t have any regrets in life, and my lovely daughter is a result of that. “I may have missed out on a bit of money, but he’s missed out on her whole life. “I know who is wealthier for it.”

Who was the unnamed woman?

The lady, who has chosen to remain anonymous, alleges that the “prime-time” presenter forced her to sign an NDA, but that her daughter is exempt from the gag order since she will be able “to do whatever the hell she wants” when she gets 16 years old.

The dancer claimed she first encountered the celebrity at a nightclub while he was filming a show nearby. He allegedly requested her phone information and then called her a few days later.

She reportedly told  The Sun.” We met up around five or six times during the six months we were together.

Later, I became pregnant. As soon as I told him, he immediately denied having children and stated she wasn’t his. He then changed his phone, blocked all of mine, and disappeared.


Did the DNA test confirms the allegation?

The star attended the DNA test with a male relative, a move the woman claims could have tainted the results.

The results confirmed the child was a DNA match for the star’s family, but they weren’t conclusive proof the star himself was the father, so he was not legally required to pay child maintenance, the woman claims.

She said: “It was a crazy situation — the possibility being that instead of being pregnant by him, it might have been his brother, dad, uncle, or granddad.” She also shared her belief that the male relative could have helped “fake” the DNA test result.

“We believe the male relative who was with him when he did the test helped him cheat the outcome, though we have never been able to prove otherwise.”

Although she expressed her disappointment that the presenter “hadn’t taken responsibility” and that she was “young and dumb, pregnant, and scared,” she maintains that she has “no regrets” about the relationship and its subsequent fallout, saying, “I may have missed out on a bit of money, but he’s missed out on her whole life.” I am aware of the beneficiary.


People’s Guess and Opinion

In the comments below, people voiced their opinions on which BBC star got a stripper pregnant. Paddy McGuinness, a BBC celebrity, is frequently assumed to be someone person due to his prior relationships. Also, some people doubted other BBC stars such as Len Goodman and Brucie. Let’s look out did people’s guess was the right one.

Tonic said,

I wonder did the sun have any proof that this story is true? How did he manage to pull her? She’s a proper supermodel and everything. Beggars belief.

Another user said,

I don’t fully buy their story…was she a beard? I’m only here waiting for the tattle detectives to work this out for me. This thread never lets me down.

One girl said,

It seems very irresponsible by the sun. people will suspect so many now; and if they had the story verified/proven they would have named them.

Welp said,

The woman is saying there are other children as well and that she believes there are more, so it’s also going to bring a few women out of the woodwork to contact him for DNA tests.

Bob said,

The tv star wrote his famous catchphrase across her breasts, there can’t be many at the BBC with famous catchphrases yet I currently can’t think of anyone but Brucie  (RIP)

Another person replied,

Paddy McGuinness? He has lots of catchphrases, and the “Top” in the headline could be a clue for Top Gear.  I’m a hypocrite because I’ve already started guessing, but I do agree with you.

(Various similar replies to this comment)

Miffy replied:  Paddy was my first thought too.

Fennella replied: He was my first thought.

Alan replied: That’s a perfect guess I think. The only person that comes to mind was Paddy McGuinness prime time would include Top Gear and Saturday evening Catchpoint. A catchphrase he’s famous for is “no lightly no likey” even if that is ITV. I can’t think of many men who are the right age and give me sleazy vibes.

Tangerine replied,

Great guess. I bet you’re right and that’s why his marriage broke up. ETA: after reading it can’t be Paddy, this kid says she wants to meet her dad and sounds quite grown up. How long do we go back if the child knows the truth? 10 years? whoever it was was embarrassed about being with a stripper and obviously thought it would be bad for his image.

Timz replied,

Eww, Paddy must have side sprogs from Take Me Out “rejects” ten years ago!  “Let’s hear it for the boys” 

Can we Chuck in Vernon Kaye for the TV presenter? He’s been wrong in the past as well (though my mind went straight to Paddy)

Percy said,

Can’t be many top BBC prime-time stars with a catchphrase. It doesn’t say how long ago, so my guess is Len Goodman goes around writing SEVEN in block capitals across the tits of young women.

Girl in the corner said,

I do think there’s a more than good chance it’s Paddy tbh!! It all fits with what we’ve been talking about in here leading up to his marriage split. It might also make sense why Christine posted and then deleted on Instagram stories earlier about trust loyalty and respect and how he fucked it up and lost all 3. Cheating on your wife with a celebrity is one thing but going up everything in sight without using protection resulting in kids all over the country is something else, get help.

Cupid said,

He’s a prime time BBC presenter with a catchphrase who currently has ‘legitimate’ kids who he keeps out of the limelight, supposedly as they look like the stripper’s kid This must have been a few years ago if the child is old enough to want to meet him herself He was working on a show in the area (doesn’t say what the area is) when he met her and whenever he was there they would hook up which means he must present a show that is filmed in a particular location away from his usual home I’m thinking like others Paddy McGuinness as well “No Likey No Lighty”

Mee said,
The article says that the BBC star keeps his kids identities private. Didn’t Paddy do a TV show about his kids? Were their faces hidden on it?



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1 month ago

It’s 100% Paddy McGuiness! They met in the Frontier on Bradford Road in Batley just before he became a household name. He signed his name, not his catchphrase as he didn’t have one yet- presumably that detail was changed in an attempt to make it easier to guess but all it does is throw off the timeline. I am pretty sure the child is probably 16 by now and yes, she does look like him. I have been told this story several times by the grandparent of the child and always thought it was ridiculous but, reading the actual details, it may well be true.

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