Who is Richard Allen? Suspect of Liberty German and Abigail Williams murder arrested


Who is Richard Allen? Suspect of Liberty German and Abigail Williams murder arrested

Police announce the arrest of Richard Allen in connection with the 2017 slayings of Libby German and Abby Williams in Delphi. Let’s see Who is Richard Allen, Suspect of Liberty German and Abigail Williams murder in detail

Liberty German and Abigail Williams murder case: Explained

At a press conference on Monday, Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter announced the arrest of Richard Allen, a resident of Delphi, Indiana, for the 2017 slayings of eighth-graders Abby Williams, 13, and Libby German, 14, both of whom were murdered.

The 50-year-old married man who was detained in connection with the 2017 Delphi killings has now been charged more than five years after the double homicide of Libby German and Abby Williams, two of her closest friends in high school. On Wednesday, October 26, Delphi, Indiana resident Richard Matthew Allen was apprehended and lodged at Carroll County Jail. For his protection, he was later sent to a state facility.

The Indiana State Police reported on Monday that Mr. Allen is facing two counts of murder and has entered a not-guilty plea. The affidavit is presently under seal, according to officials, and they declined to give further information on the shocking breakthrough in the high-profile case that has shaken the small, tight-knit community of Delphi and remained unresolved for more than five years.

A government source confirmed that the state-issued photo of Mr. Allen, which local broadcaster FOX59 had gotten, showed the man incarcerated. In some ways, the image resembles the suspect’s police sketches that were made public during the inquiry while the youngster’s murderer was still at large. Before the arrest was made public, Libby’s sister Kelsi German tweeted on Friday that “this is the day” they have been waiting for.

Just know that I appreciate you all very much. No comments at this time; if you have any inquiries, contact the Carroll County Prosecutor’s Office. A press conference is tentatively scheduled for Monday at 10 am. Then, we’ll speak more. The time has come,” she remarked. Mr. Allen’s name had never previously been connected to the killings in the public eye before his unexpected arrest.

What we know about him is as follows:

Richard Allen: who is he?

More than five years after the 2017 killings, it is unclear what information prompted Mr. Allen’s arrest. Around 40 minutes east of Delphi near Peru, the Wabash River was seen being searched by Indiana State Police in August.

Mr. Allen would have been 44 when the murders took place. The 50-year-old lives nearby in Delphi, where the teenage girls and their families resided. Online data show that Mr. Allen has spent his whole adult life in Indiana and has resided in Delphi since at least 2006. He is married and employed as a pharmacy technician; one year after the killings, in February 2018, he received his most current pharmaceutical license.

According to a local, Mr. Allen currently works at the CVS store nearby and interacts with the neighborhood as part of his employment. “Whenever I enter CVS as a client, he would ask whether I needed any assistance.

The manager of the nearby Brick & Mortar Pub, Chandler Underhill, who claimed that Mr. Allen was a regular there, responded, “I would be like ‘no’. Just like each other guy I’ve seen over the past few years, not thinking about anything. Mr. Underhill claimed that whenever Mr. Allen entered the bar where he works, he always appeared “normal.” “I would converse, and he would say very little.

He appears to be a typical guy, the man added. “One of my servers told me he wouldn’t talk much,” Mr. Allen appears to have no prior criminal record. However, the Carroll County Jail record lists Mr. Allen as also going by the alias of Craigh Ross Rentfrow.

Where did Libby and Abby end up?

After beginning a trip along Delphi, Indiana’s Monon High Bridge Trail on February 13, 2017, Libby and Abby vanished. They were found dead the following day in a wooded spot about half a mile off the trail.

Police have withheld information about the girls’ deaths and the crime scene for years, refusing to clarify how they passed away. But in a search warrant application that the podcast The Murder Sheet received and published with The Independent back in May, stunning new information regarding the killings was revealed.

The order, which was submitted by an FBI agent looking into the murders back in 2017 and was only partially redacted, called for searching Ronald Logan’s residence. In it, the agency disclosed that the girls had lost “a lot” of blood during their demise and that their murderer is thought to have moved and staged their bodies before taking something from the site as a keepsake.

The warrant also made it clear for the first time that the kids had been slain using a weapon. The document had the term “weapon” removed. Because “huge amounts of blood were lost by the victims at the crime scene,” the murderer would have been coated in the victims’ blood after the killings. “It is almost clear that the criminal would have acquired blood on his person or clothing due to the severity of the victim’s wounds.”

Footage of suspect

Libby had shared pictures of her and Abby strolling down the route on Snapchat the day the kids vanished. The two closest friends’ joyful photo is thought to be the last one taken of them before they passed away.

Libby also recorded a shaky video of a man strolling along the abandoned railroad bridge while wearing blue trousers, a blue jacket, and a cap on her phone. This step advanced the inquiry.


<p>This grainy image was taken on Libby’s phone on the trail the day the girls went missing. Investigators believe the man is the killer</p>


The terrifying audio of the man instructing the two girls to “go down the hill” was released by investigators along with a grainy image from the footage.

The girls were commended for recording the video as proof by the police, who have long held the man responsible for the girl’s murder.

The man has never been given a name before. The individual was described by police as a Caucasian person between the ages of 16 and 40, standing between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 10″, and weighing between 180 and 200 pounds. Police released numerous sketches of a man who matched the man’s description in the video.

Is Richard Allen in jail?

Yes. After making plans to meet a man on Delphi’s abandoned train tracks, Libby German and Abigail Williams were killed in 2017.

For five years, the killings of the two girls went unsolved. The matter has been linked to Richard’s name in the media.

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Delphi Murders Update: What Are They?

  • A guy was detained for taking part in the attack on the Capitol on January 6, which has led to the police searching for a number of suspects over the years.
  • The bogus Instagram and Snapchat accounts that had been connecting with Libby at the time she and Abby were killed are being looked into by authorities.
  • Police discovered an audio tape taken that day by Libby in which a man can be heard saying, “Down the hill,” while conducting their investigation.



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