Who is Rajwinder Singh? Queensland offers $1m for Prime suspect of Toyah Cordingley murder


A runaway suspect thought to have killed Toyah Cordingley on a Queensland beach before escaping to India has been offered a $1 million reward for his capture. It will be paid to anyone, anywhere in the world, for finding Rajwinder Singh and getting him arrested, but not necessarily for getting him convicted. It is the biggest prize in the state’s history.

Let’s see who is Rajwinder Singh and why Queensland offer 1 million dollars to find the suspect in the murder of Toyah Cordinglay in detail.

Who is Rajwinder Singh?

Rajwinder Singh is a former resident of Innisfail and a local nurse, originally from Buttar Kalan, Punjab is the main person of interest in the 2018 murder case of Toyah Cordinglay.

However, he fled the nation shortly after, leaving behind his job, wife, and three children in Australia.

$1 Million reward offered worldwide

In October 2018, Ms. Cordingley, 24, was slain while walking her dog at Wangetti Beach, north of Cairns.

With Rajwinder Singh still being sought after, Queensland Police is now offering a $1 million reward for any information from the public. Detective Acting Superintendent Sonia Smith noted that “the prize is unique.”

“We know that Singh departed Cairns on 22 October, the day after Toyah was murdered, and then flew from Sydney to India on the 23rd. His arrival in India has been confirmed,” she said. “We have confirmed today that the last known location for Singh was India.”

Toyah Cordinglay’s Mother Speaks

Vanessa Gardiner, Cordingley’s mother, spoke on Thursday about the reward and her “wonderful, spiritual” child.

“Her life was taken way too early. I see her friends and stuff getting married with kids and that now and think of everything she has missed out on in her life,” Gardiner said.“She was just about to start her first full-time job on Monday, which never happened.”

The prize and subsequent appeal, according to Gardiner, took “four years too long.”

I am aware that the police have not halted. People are unaware of so much that goes on in the background. There is so much you can’t discuss with your family and friends.

“Toyah deserves that million bucks, though I can’t believe it. I hope I receive that call soon to announce that they’ve located him. She deserves every bit of it.”

Toyah Cordinglay’s Father speaks

Troy Cordingley, Toyah’s father, expressed his appreciation for the prize announcement and talked about the life his daughter has been deprived of.

“Toyah was a young woman who would never get the opportunity to experience life to the fullest and everything that entails the chance to live, laugh, and love.

“A horrible act, and the person who committed it, took something away from her.”

“This person may even be doing more heinous crimes right now because they are now living free from punishment for their horrific crime.”

Justice is the very least that Toyah deserves, even though it won’t bring her back. This person has to be punished and expelled from society, at the very least.

Indian Police Join Search

According to ABC, the Indian extradition court hearing has been scheduled for November 5; however, if he cannot be found, the hearing will be postponed.

Five Queensland police officers who speak Punjabi and Hindi have gathered to use WhatsApp to communicate and exchange information.

To collaborate with local law enforcement from both nations in this inquiry, three Queensland police investigators have also traveled to India.

Police Minister Mark Ryan, who approved the prize for information, stated: “We know that people know this person, they know where this person is, and we’re asking those people to do the right thing.”

In addition, Mr. Ryan said, if an “accomplice” provided the initial tip that resulted in Mr. Singh’s arrest, authorities would think about absolving them of criminal liability.

Murder still haunts local

Four years after she passed away, Ms. Cordingley’s name is displayed in storefront windows, on banners hung from trees, and on bumper stickers for automobiles.

Thousands of stones carrying her name have been erected on various sites throughout the globe to honor the kind soul who adored animals and sunflowers.


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