Who is Chae An? Why did he tried to murder his wife Young An? All We Know So Far

Woman Calls 911 From Her Apple Watch And Saves Herself After Husband Buries Wife Alive In Shallow Grave. Let’s see who Chae An is and why he tried to murder his wife Young An in detail.

Who is Chae An and Young An?

Young Sook An, who is 42 years old, is married to Chae Kyong An, who is 53 years old. The couple’s daughter claims that although he did not reside with her, he would come over to do laundry. On October 16 at around 1:00 p.m., he attacked her in the residence they used to share. The couple was going through a divorce and was reportedly at odds about finances.

Young An buried alive by Chae An 

Young Sook had duct tape still wrapped around her neck, lower face, and ankles when she eventually managed to get away and notify the police, according to a Thurston County Superior Court document.

Just a few minutes after the supposed kidnapping, he entered Young An’s house. According to court records, her husband allegedly used a hammer to knock her watch off her wrist, but the call was still in progress.

According to reports, Chae An drove his wife into nearby woods, put her in a small grave, and covered her with earth and sticks. Prosecutors assert that he stabbed her in the breast at some point.

He allegedly got into a dispute with his estranged wife about cash that he anticipated losing in their ongoing divorce case. He reportedly ambushed her on October 16th, according to investigators.

Apple Watch Saves Young An

Young An told investigators that, after making the 911 call, her husband had dragged her into his van. When he noticed her Apple Watch, he destroyed it with a hammer, also striking her wrists, before removing the remnants, according to the court documents. She was hiding behind a shed when the first deputy arrived on the scene.

According to the affidavit, when Young realized the deputy was a member of law enforcement, she raced at them while yelling and sobbing for assistance. She cried as she grabbed the deputy, “My husband is attempting to kill me.” Her neck, lower face, and ankles were still covered in duct tape.

Her clothing and hair were filthy, and she had severe bruises on her legs, arms, and head. When the deputy met with Young, she seemed to be suffering from severe trauma and distress. She cried, “My spouse is still in the woods somewhere.”

Six hours later, beside the shallow grave where he is alleged to have thrown his wife, police discovered Chae An in the woods. Apple Watch pieces found at the site connected to duct tape, according to the police.

The police got surveillance footage from the neighbors. The probable cause report stated that they also have a video of him parking the van in the garage and accelerating out of the area.

Statement by Young An

Young An informed police that before being taken to a remote area, her husband had tied her up and dragged her into a van. She said, “I heard him digging a trench.” Before dumping her into the makeshift grave, he stabbed her.

She struggled to breathe since the soil was blocking her mouth and nose, but she was able to move around and make a tiny air pocket. She stayed there for a while before finally digging herself out.

She admitted that her spouse had previously threatened to murder her. The probable cause report stated that she claimed he told her he would “rather kill her than give her his retirement money.”

According to The Olympian, Young An said, “Please no bail. I am really afraid for my life. I just want to emphasize that I fear him so much and he will kill me again if he is out.”

Charges against Chae An

Although he has not yet been officially charged, Chae An reportedly faces accusations of first-degree attempted murder, first-degree kidnapping, and first-degree assault. He was lodged in the county jail on Tuesday, and as of Wednesday, he has been held without bond.


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