Who was Ashley Irvin? Augusta Woman Killed After Chasing by Suspect

How did Ashley Irvin die

A woman from Augusta, Ashley Irvin was killed on Wednesday evening when her car was hit by a suspect involved in a rush-hour chase with a Richmond County officer. Let’s see who is Ashley Irvin and why Augusta Woman was Killed by the Suspect in detail.

How did Ashley Irwin die?

Ashley Irvin, a 33 old woman was from Augusta and she was identified as one of the victims in the Gordon Highway accident.

The accident took place when Ashley was traveling on Thomas Lane near Gordon Highway around 5:07 p.m. Irvin died when her car was hit by a vehicle being followed westbound on Gordon Highway. Her car was struck by a motorist fleeing Richmond County deputies.

The suspect hit Ashley’s car when he tried to escape the police after violating the traffic rules and the police chased him on the highway. Ashley was later taken to the hospital but sadly she passed away from the injuries.

At Thomas Lane and Gordon Highway, the suspect was apprehended. The suspect, whose identity has not been made public, was hurt and is receiving medical attention. The charges against him are still pending.

What happened on Gordon Highway?

A woman was murdered in an accident on Gordon Highway, Richmond, Wednesday afternoon as a result of a suspect evading deputy. According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, just after 5 p.m., deputies tried to stop the driver of a blue Nissan Rogue for a traffic infraction on Milledgeville Road at Tubman Home Road.

The Rogue’s driver led deputies on a chase, hitting two different vehicles in different locations before the chase ended. After being detained, the motorist was taken to the hospital for injuries incurred in the collisions.

The drivers and passengers of the cars that the suspect hit were taken to nearby hospitals for medical attention. Ashley Irvin, 33, was named as one of the accident victims. The details of another victim of the accident are not revealed yet.

Just before 6:30 p.m., one of the drivers, Ashley Irvin, 33, passed away from her injuries at the ER of Augusta University Medical Center.

The Coroner’s Office has scheduled an autopsy for Irvin. An investigation is being carried out by Georgia State Patrol officers.

The news about the incident was not immediately revealed. There is no information about the suspect or the other victims of the accident.

People’s reaction over vehicle chase incident?

Layla Skyy commented,

High-speed chases should be banned. The criminals need to be caught, but not at the expense of an innocent person’s life. RIP.

Author Joanne F. Blake commented,

This is getting out of hand! Yes, criminals shouldn’t run, it may not be the police’s fault, but I’m sure no one wants a knock on their door saying we were in a chase and your innocent loved one was killed. So sad it’s time for some discussions on the safety of others

Kanika Martin said,

No matter how fast your car goes, YOU CANNOT OUTRUN THEIR RADIOS!!!!! Save yourself some charges and Pull TF OVER when They get behind you!! Sad this young lady is gone! Prayers up for her family!!

Krystal Long commented,

It’s sickening that the police would even chase someone over a traffic violation and put innocent lives in danger. Well at this point killing them. So sad. Prayers for her kids and family

Anthony C Fulmer commented,

This ticks me off! Another innocent person was murdered by someone refusing to stop for the police! Just put him 6 feet under!

Daniel Gainey said,

It’s time that deadly force become justified anytime a pursuit occurs. The suspect is threatening deadly force (3000 lb vehicle) to the public and is in extreme danger. The minute a suspect runs into a car, the police should be justified in using deadly force immediately against the suspect. I bet that would stop this nonsense. Prayers for the innocent victim’s family.


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