Who is Noel Hanna? What happened to the Irish climber in mount Annapurna? Explained


 Who is Noel Hanna? What happened to the Irish climber in mount Annapurna? Explained

Devastating news for the Irish climbing community: Noel Hanna, a skilled Irish climber, passed suddenly last night in camp IV on Annapurna after having summited the mountain earlier in the day. We regret to inform his loss. He was a climber who helped many people throughout his climbing career. He was strong and appeared to be invincible. Keep reading this post to know what happened to Noel Hanna.

What happened to Noel Hanna?

Noel Hanna, an Irish climber, and adventurer passed away on Annapurna I on Tuesday while making his descent. Hanna reached the top of Annapurna on Monday, the tenth-highest mountain in the world, and passed away close to Camp 4.

Noel Hanna, an Irish climber, died when climbing the tenth-highest mountain in the world. According to climbing officials, a mountaineer from Northern Ireland perished while coming down from the world’s tenth-highest peak, while an Indian climber is still missing on the same mountain.

Noel Hanna, a ten-time Everest climber, reached the 8,091-meter (26,545-foot) Annapurna peak in west Nepal on Monday. He passed away the next day at Camp IV after descending from the mountain.

According to Yubaraj Khatiwada, a representative of the Department of Tourism, Mr. Hanna’s death circumstances are unknown. He claimed that since Monday, a climber from India has been missing after falling into a crevasse on the lower parts of Annapurna.

Officials from the hiking firm reported that two further Indian mountaineers who were stuck in terrible weather while scaling Annapurna were in the process of being rescued.

Because of the potential for numerous avalanches, Maurice Herzog of France made the first ascent of the west Nepali peak known as Annapurna in the early 1950s.

Although there is information, Mr. Hanna is thought to have passed away at base camp after returning from the mountain’s summit, according to his friend and fellow mountaineer Pat Falvy, who spoke to RTÉ. He claimed, “I received an SMS from my family in Kathmandu… that Noel had passed suddenly.

According to hiking officials, at least 365 people have scaled Annapurna and more than 72 have perished there. Three Nepali sherpa climbers perished last week after being struck by an ice serac on Mount Everest’s lower slopes.

Eight of the top 14 mountains in the world are located in Nepal. Adventure sports like mountain climbing and trekking in the foothills of the Himalayas are well-liked pastimes and a source of money and employment for the nation sandwiched between China and India.

Who is Noel Hanna?

Noel Hanna is a talented adventurer and Strong athlete. Noel, a native of Northern Ireland, has taken part in competitions and climbed mountains all around the world.

Hanna was born and raised in Northern Ireland, but his actual date of birth is unknown, making it difficult to determine his age.

At the time of his passing, he was in his mid-55s. He was one of the original founders of the Spartan Race, and among his exploits were ten successful ascents of Everest.

Additionally, Noel established a Maxtrek world record for Guinness. This equates to ascending 8848 meters above sea level and returning to sea level in 21 hours and 50 minutes.

Noel Hanna, a climber from Co Down and one of the first Irish people to survive a K2 ascent, says he would do it all over again. With eight summit attempts on Everest, including two with his wife Lynne, Hanna has a tendency to do that. 

Nevertheless, he claims that despite numerous ascents of 8,000 meters, his native mountain, Slieve Donard in the Mournes, “never gets any easier.”

Hanna, a “close protection” bodyguard from Dromara, County Down, protected former US president Bill Clinton during one of his visits to Ireland. Hanna is a certified mountain guide.

Noel Hanna

Personal Life

Noel was a married person and his wife’s name is Lynne. On May 21, 2016, this pair accomplished history by ascending Mount Everest from both the mountain’s Tibetan North and South faces.

The eighth-highest mountain in the world, Mt. Manaslu, was scaled by this couple without the use of any extra oxygen. Unlike Noel, who was also the first from Northern Ireland, she is the first girl from the island of Ireland to accomplish this.

_Who is Noel Hanna

Tributes poured in for Noel Hanna

Mourne Mountain Adventures said

It was “very saddened” to hear of the death of Mr. Hanna and sent its condolences to his family and his wife. “There is some peace in that he spent his last moments doing what he loved best, such a great man and one of Northern Ireland’s finest mountaineers,”

DUP MLA for Antrim Paul Frew said on Twitter:

“So sorry to hear of the death of Noel Hanna from Northern Ireland who had just become the 1st Irish climber to summit Annapurna. “Noel was an absolute legend climbing K2, Manaslu, and Everest 10 times! My thoughts & prayers are with his family at this sad time.”

Sinn Féin MP Chris Hazzard described,

Mr Hanna as a “legendary” mountaineer. “Slieve Croob man Noel was the first person from Ireland to successfully climb K2 & he climbed the summit of Everest 10 times,” he said. “Thoughts with Noel’s family at this tough time.”

The Duke of Edinburgh NI organization also paid tribute to Mr. Hanna.

“We were devastated this morning to learn of the death of Northern Irish mountaineer Noel Hanna whilst descending the world’s 10th highest mountain, Annapurna in Nepal,” it said on Facebook. “Noel and his wife Lynne presented Gold Awards for DofE on a number of occasions and in 2012. Noel took a DofE flag to the top of Everest. “Noel scaled Everest 10 times and he and Lynne were the first married couple to scale Everest from both the north and south sides. “Noel’s down-to-earth manner and incredible expertise were an inspiration to everyone he met.”

“Our deepest condolences will go to Noel’s family and friends”


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