Who is Natalie Max? Meet Thomas Tuchel new Girlfriend


Who is Natalie Max? Meet Thomas Tuchel new Girlfriend

Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was spotted on vacation with his 35-year-old Brazilian lover, days after divorcing his 13-year-old wife. Let’s see who is Thomas Tuchel’s new Girlfriend Natalie Max.

Who is Natalie Max?

Max is a 35-year-old Brazilian mother of two who is 13 years Tuchel’s younger. The owner of the company in London was once highlighted on the Yummy Mummy UK website, where she was called a “mother who rocks” and “a great inspiration.”

The Sun Football tweeted,
@TheSunFootball 8h Thomas Tuchel holidays with new Brazilian girlfriend, 35, days after divorce.

Thomas Tuchel and Natalie Max spotted.

After his divorce from his wife got one step closer to being finalized, Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has taken his new Brazilian lover on vacation.

After a 13-year marriage that had failed, Tuchel and his wife Sissi divorced back in April. The divorce, which has been approved by London’s High Court but is pending a multi-million-pound settlement, is still being finalized by the couple, who have two daughters.

The 48-year-old Blues manager has already moved on and was recently seen vacationing in Sardinia with his new love, Natalie Max. The

The happy pair are staying in a secluded home on the Mediterranean island for £20,000 per night and were seen out together on a boat ride at dusk.

Before boarding a ferry to the island of Caprera, Tuchel and his girlfriend spent time at the beach lounging, swimming, and eating lunch in a hotel restaurant.

According to a source, the couple “held hands at every opportunity,” while another person said they appeared to be “very much in love.”

Thomas Tuchel’s Personal life.

Since Sissi and Tuchel’s separation was publicly announced about four months ago, Tuchel’s personal life has also been rather tough.

According to court records, the 46-year-old, who worked as a journalist, filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences.

She received confirmation last week from Mr. Justice Mostyn that Tuchel had acted in a way that made it unreasonable to expect Mrs. Tuchel to remain with him.

Sissi relocated to the UK in August of last year, some months after Tuchel was hired by Chelsea in January 2021. The couple then bought a home close to the team’s training facility in Cobham, Surrey.

The decision, though, was unsuccessful. According to reports, the marriage was irretrievably dissolved, leading to a settlement for several million pounds that will be finalized over the next six weeks.

Given that Tuchel makes almost £7 million a year, Sissi, who left her position at the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung to raise their family, may be entitled to a large compensation.

The trip Tuchel takes with his new lover will end quickly. After losing to Arsenal 4-0 over the weekend in Florida, Chelsea is scheduled to play Udinese in a preseason friendly on Friday before opening their Premier League campaign against Everton on Saturday, August 6.

Thomas Tuchel and Sissi Divorced

According to reports, Thomas Tuchel, the manager of Chelsea, and his wife of 13 years have separated.

Sissi, Tuchel’s wife, is thought to have begun divorce proceedings last week, but they both desire a friendly divorce.

Sissi arrived in the UK in August of last year, around seven months after Tuchel was hired by the Blues, and remained at a hotel before the couple purchased a home for their family in Cobham, Surrey. The nearby training facility is used by Chelsea.

Sissi and Thomas tried to stay together, but ultimately there was no other option, a source told the Mail on Sunday.

“It is painful, and right now, their daughters must come first. Last Monday, documents were filed to begin the divorce process.”


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