Who is Marty Ray Project’s father? What was his cause of death Explained

Marty Ray

Marty Ray mourns for his father’s loss. Let’s see who is Marty Ray Project’s father and Glen Ray cause of death in detail.

How did Marty Ray Project’s father die?

Marty Ray project posted a tribute to his father, Glen Ray on social media posts.

The message reads, “My daddy passed away this morning. Thanks to all that have prayed. It’s so hard to write this post, I’m crying while doing it because it seems so dumb to post about anything other than the fact that my daddy ain’t here no more.”

“I haven’t posted anything about my Christmas album that came out today because it just feels meaningless now, but my dad loved my music and always said, “Alexa play Marty Ray Project,” no matter what someone else was listening to. I am more proud of that than almost anything, so I feel like he would tell me to let y’all know.”, he added.

An album that my dad will never hear came out the day my daddy died, Dec 9. I’ll never forget this day. I don’t feel very Christmasy but if y’all get listening to some Christmas music, my daddy’s favorite artist released one today. I love y’all dearly and I’m grateful for you. Jesus has a much better place for us than this hurtful world. I’ve said that to so many people when they tell me their story about losing a loved one, now I gotta rest in that too. Jesus blesses y’all and thanks for the prayers. This album is for you Daddy, my biggest fan!”

Marty Ray’s father, Glen Ray cause of death:

Marty’s father, Glen Ray died from an illness. Marty Ray Project posted on its Facebook post last week saying, “Pray for my dad. He’s in ICU.”. 

Later, he updated his dad’s health 3 days before saying, “My Dad woke up and his blood pressure is normalizing. He’s doing better, but he still isn’t in the best shape.” 

But Marty didn’t enclose his father’s cause of death. Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Glen Ray cause of death will be added soon.


Who is Marty Ray Project?

The Marty Ray Project is a musical band that writes and composes music. Marty Ray is a singer/songwriter who uses music to give others hope, encouragement, and joy. Marty describes himself as “Jesus put me here to sing and write songs, some people like me. God gives me life each day so that I can help someone else.”

Marty Ray was born in Memphis, Tennessee, but grew up in Blytheville, a small town in Arkansas. While growing up, he was and still is the funniest and scariest guy in any room. 

Since he was a small child, he has been singing and writing songs. He came from a supportive family, for the most part. Being from a family of musicians, preachers, singers, and songwriters, it was definitely in his blood from birth. He started writing songs when he was twelve years old and from the first song, he knew that songwriting was his destiny.

Growing up with the Gospel, R&B, Country, and Blues as his musical guidance, he has been blessed with a unique style of singing and songwriting that stretches the boundaries of cultures. Marty is a Christian, Country, Blues, Rock, Pop, and whatever else he wrote at the time, kind of artist. He has released several songs in his career.

Marty has worked on numerous independent films around the South and has crossed paths with a number of reputable individuals in the entertainment business. As a singer/songwriter, Marty has had radio airplay, placed songs, and won various contests. 

Even with that beautiful beard, he stands out as an actor for his variety of acting genres, from comedy to romance. He has also had success on the radio. He obtained access to the inner, or back door, of the film industry by creating and broadcasting MemNash Radio, a radio program that is solely about independent film and music. 

Hawk and The Beard, who you may recognize as “The Beard,” were in charge of MemNash Radio, which attracted a large following.

Tributes to Marty Ray’s father:

T.C. Stallings posted,

So sorry Marty—Brother I know the feeling. Praying for you. For healing. Sounds like he knew Jesus—that’s the good part bro. 

Amanda Vickers commented,

I’m so sorry. Praying for God’s perfect peace for you. I lost my dad who was my number one fan, too. It’s a pain like no other, but I’m grateful for the promise of a joyful reunion.

Heather Slomkowski Markle commented,

I’m so sorry you lost your dad! He is listening from above and cheering you on! Just listened to you on Spotify…amazing voice! Following up and will share. Keep making your dad proud!

Mark McCroskey commented,

So, so sorry Marty. Praying for your entire family’s Peace & Comfort.

Marie Mills commented,

Marty Ray Project, I’m so sorry for your loss. But your dad will definitely “hear” your album, & he will always be with you… every step of the way. He is in your heart & will be the reason you sing again as your heart heals. I started following your page when my older brother passed away in 2020. It may sound silly, but it brought me peace listening to artists that he liked & followed. I know exactly why he liked you! Congrats on your album and prayers for peace & comfort.


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