Who is Luis Raul Valenzuela? Why he killed missing pregnant woman Raeanna “Nikki” Burch-Woodhull, explained


Who is Luis Raul Valenzuela? Why he killed missing pregnant woman Raeanna “Nikki” Burch-Woodhull, explained


After going missing for approximately a week, a 28-year-old pregnant lady was discovered dead, and a 34-year-old man is now under arrest on suspicion of her murder. Let’s see who is Luis Raul Valenzuela and his motive to kill her in detail.

Who was Raeanna “Nikki” Burch-Woodhull?

The body of Raeanna “Nikki” Burch-Woodhull, an endangered Indigenous woman, was discovered along Highway 550 and County Road 310, south of Durango, according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigations, who have charged Luis Raul Valenzuela with second-degree murder. He will appear in court for the first time on Monday, Dec.

On November 27, in the early morning hours, Burch-Woodhull vanished. She had numerous tattoos of the name “Luis” on her face and neck, according to CBI investigators, and she was in the second trimester of her pregnancy. Investigators think Burch-Woodhull and Valenzuela were acquainted.

Raeanna “Nikki” Burch-Woodhull

Who is Luis Raul Valenzuela?

On Saturday, December 3, the Ignacio Police Department (IPD) conducted an investigation and impounded Luis Raul Valenzuela, 34.

The remains were identified by the La Plata County Coroner, who has scheduled an autopsy.

Luis Raul Valenzuela

Why he killed a missing pregnant woman?

The 34-year-old suspect Luis Raul Valenzuela is being held by police. Police said that the victim and suspect were acquainted, but they didn’t elaborate.

Burch-Woodhull had the name “Luis” tattooed on her face, according to a “missing” banner that was up when she was first reported missing.

He is being detained on suspicion of second-degree murder, which carries a sentence of four to 48 years in jail. The La Plata County Coroner will conduct the autopsy to ascertain the reason and manner of death, according to the little other information that was immediately available from the authorities.

According to CBI, it collaborated with the Ignacio Police Department, the 6th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, the La Plata County Coroner’s Office, and the Department of Public Safety’s Missing and Murdered Indigenous Relatives Office.

According to the Urban Indian Health Institute, while making up only 2% of the population, the murder rate for women who live on reservations is ten times higher than the national average, and murder is the third most common cause of death for Indigenous women. Monday marks Valenzuela’s initial court appearance.



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