Who is Lamont Lee Lewis? Why did he shoot his wife, Tivona Fogg? Explained


Who is Lamont Lee Lewis? Why did he shoot his wife, Tivona Fogg? Explained

Police searching for a man after a woman was slain in a homicide in Hampton on Christmas Day. Let’s see Who is Lamont Lee Lewis and Why did he shot his own wife, Tivona Fogg, in detail.


Who is Lamont Lee Lewis? 

Who is Lamont Lee Lewis? 

Why did Lewis shoot his own wife, Tivona Fogg?

According to authorities, the husband of a lady who was shot and died on Christmas has been designated as a suspect in the case.

As per the police report on Tuesday night, there are warrants on file for Lamont Lee Lewis’ arrest. Tivona Fogg, Lewis’ wife, was discovered with a gunshot wound to the chest, according to Lenora Fogg, her daughter.

Lenora claimed that when she started to worry about the safety of her mother, she called the police and asked them to meet her there. Lewis allegedly shared an apartment with her.

Lewis’s family claimed they were unable to contact him. Additionally, they claim that Fogg visited the hospital a month ago after Lewis beat her.

She remarked, “He beat me. Oh my God, stop interfering with him and leave him alone, I exclaimed. Teona Graham, Fogg’s cousin, stated, “I don’t know what happened for him to come back, but it was crazy.

Lewis’s past criminal history

The fact that Lewis has a criminal history worries the family as well. Next month, he must appear in court in Hampton on drug-related allegations. In 2018, he was also found guilty of drug-related offenses in York County and received a sentence of 10 years in jail with seven years suspended.

He was accused of killing a guy in Hampton in 2001. The accusations were not proven. A crucial witness in the case couldn’t be located, according to a report that was at the time published in a newspaper. Fogg’s official cause of death has not yet been disclosed by the medical examiner’s office.

On Wednesday at 6 o’clock, the family plans to hold a candlelit vigil at 10 Twin Lakes Circle in Hampton. Participants are asked to bring their candles.

He faces charges for:

  • Second-degree homicide
  • Possession of a firearm while committing a crime
  • Armed weapon ownership by a convicted felon
  • firing weapons or missiles into or towards a structure.

Hampton Homicide case: Explained

On Christmas Day, a woman was discovered and shot to death in Hampton. Soon after noon, emergency dispatch received a call requesting that they check on the welfare of a woman who was reportedly on the first block of Twin Lakes Circle.

A woman who had been shot to death was discovered on Christmas Day in Hampton, according to police. A spokeswoman for the organization said that shortly after noon, their emergency dispatch received a call asking them to check on the wellbeing of a woman who was reportedly in a location in the first block of Twin Lakes Circle.

An apartment complex tenant who wished to remain anonymous claimed, “I came out here and I saw the daughter in the street crying saying: “He killed my mom, he killed my mom.”

The gunshot that occurred on Christmas Day next to the Abbington at Hampton Center apartment complex surprised and alarmed its residents. The resident remarked, “We’re supposed to be cheerful and (we) pull up out here and see her in the street crying like that. When the police arrived, they discovered a woman who had been shot. Members of the Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue pronounced her deceased at the spot.

Suspect: Lamont Lee Lewis

According to a police statement, Lamont Lee Lewis is now the subject of their search. He resided at the apartment where the woman’s body was discovered by the detectives.

Lewis is being investigated as a suspect as of Tuesday night and is accused of second-degree murder, using a weapon during the commission of a crime, having a weapon in their possession while a felon, and firing a weapon into or at a building. She lives close to where the incident occurred, according to the local news. It’s crazy because it’s next to my house, and my son just said, ‘I can’t even go knock on my friend’s door because they have it taped up.'”

Neighbors’ Statement

Megan Mason, a different neighbor, told that she heard the gunshots at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday while preparing her small daughter’s Christmas presents. Mason added, “All of a sudden, I just heard one pretty big bang. I was just getting up to put Santa’s toys out and everything. I initially dismissed it, but after hearing it two or three more times, I started to get shivers. Tivona Lewis was the victim of the shooting, the police said, but they didn’t say anything further about her.

The victim’s friend revealed to 13News Now that she was a “Very laid-back, wise, kind, attractive, strong, and sweet woman. Everything she was doing would stop. He would arrive if you had asked her for assistance. She had no problem lending a hand. She cherished her friends, family, and especially her kids. We will miss her.”


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