Who is Justin Pittman? Man who killed his daughter by giving toxic fentanyl

Who is Justin Pittman? Man who killed his daughter by giving toxic fentanyl

Justin Pittman, a Livermore man was arrested Wednesday in connection to the fentanyl-related death of his 23-month-old daughter, police announced in a press release. Let’s find out more about this case.

Livermore Man was Arrested and charges pressed

According to court documents, the father of a 1-year-old child who died after allegedly taking fentanyl was detained and charged with murder for allegedly leaving the lethal substance in a place where she could readily reach it.

Just one month shy of her second birthday when she passed away in August, Francesca Pittman was the father of Justin, who was detained on suspicion of killing her on Wednesday in Martinez. According to court documents, Pittman was also detained on charges of assaulting a peace officer and resisting arrest.

After being rushed from her house in the 200 block of Turnstone Drive to a hospital on August 18, Francesca was pronounced dead. According to the police, they were summoned there at about 4:30 p.m. to a complaint of a sizable family trying to do CPR on a tiny child while shouting that the child was dead or dying outside the house.

That afternoon, Pittman and Francesca were sleeping on his bed. His wife discovered Francesca had turned purple when she arrived home.

Narcan was suggested for fentanyl overdoses

When police showed up, a family member reported hearing Pittman instruct paramedics to administer his daughter narcan, a medication used to treat fentanyl overdoses, to them. According to court documents, he admitted to using fentanyl two days prior and told investigators that he thought she had consumed the drug when questioned.

Following the incident, Pittman was taken to Santa Rita Jail for booking. Five days later, after being told to return to his cell, he allegedly beat Alameda Sheriff’s Dep. Daniel Herrera inside the jail.

Pittman allegedly said to the deputy, “Make me,” before grasping Herrera’s wrist. Pittman was detained after Pittman was pushed over by Herrera, according to court documents. Following his release from custody, Pittman was indicted for two misdemeanors in late September.

Prosecutors filed the murder charge against Pittman on Thursday, court records show.

More cases on fentanyl Overdoses? Getting Scary

The girl was the city’s fourth fentanyl-related death in Livermore in 2022. There were an estimated 71,000 fentanyl overdoses last year, well more than the number of gun-related homicides or overdoses by other drugs.

According to a press statement from the Livermore Police Department’s Chief Jeramy Young, fentanyl is a very hazardous narcotic that affects many people’s life. “Fentanyl use and illegal drug distribution are on the rise across the country. For the family and our community, this is a devastating loss, and I hope justice can be served so there may be some closure.


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