Who is Johnathan Johnson? Suspect kills driver who ran over brother, what happened? Explained

Johnathan Johnson

A pedestrian crash in Morrow turns into a homicide incident, The suspect Johnathan Johnson arrested today in Marietta. Let’s see who is Johnathan Johnson and what happened in detail.

Who is Johnathan Johnson?

The Morrow police said Jonathan Johnson was arrested on York Road in Marietta. He was arrested in relation to the murder incident where the driver was shot eight times on December 2.

Morrow police are investigating a violent scene in which they detained a man who shot and killed a driver who collided with his brother on Mount Zion Road. Several days after authorities claim Johnson fatally shot a driver who struck and injured his brother while the two were walking in Clayton County, a murder suspect was detained in Marietta on Tuesday.

According to authorities, 20-year-old John Johnson III was walking down the street with his brother when he was hit by a car driven by Antramico Williams, 28.

Police were informed by witnesses that the brother, later identified as Johnathan Johnson, shot Williams after becoming enraged with him.

When police arrived on the scene, they discovered John Johnson III on the ground in critical condition. Williams had received several gunshot wounds and he passed away. The vehicle that hit Johnson was registered to Williams.

Pedestrian crash turns into homicide- What happened?

Johnathan has been detained by the Morrow Police Department (MPD) in connection with the fatal shooting of a driver who ran over a pedestrian on Mount Zion Road. When police apprehended him, he was detained and charged with murder and aggravated assault.

At approximately 9:55 p.m., December 2, 2022, MPD officers and detectives responded to a call of a person struck by a car in the 1500 block of Mt. Zion Rd. One man, identified as John Johnson III, 20, had been hit by a car when they arrived. A dead man, identified as Antramico Williams, 28, was lying next to him.

Several witnesses on the scene reported seeing a third male engage in a verbal altercation with Williams while standing over Johnson, who was unresponsive. The man became enraged that Williams had unintentionally hit Johnson and yelled at Williams that he was Johnson’s brother.

The individual, later identified as 20-year-old Johnathan Johnson, then pulled a gun from the back of his waistband and opened fire on Williams. Then Jonathan Johnson left the area, leaving his seriously hurt brother and Williams’ dead body on the Mt. Zion Road travel lane. 13 bullet casings were recovered by investigators from the scene. His sibling is getting better in the hospital in the meanwhile.

Suspect arrested:

After a pedestrian was struck by a car, Morrow police made an arrest in a homicide. The two offenses against Johnathan Johnson are murder and aggravated assault. He’s held at the Clayton County Jail.

His brother remains at Grady Memorial Hospital. According to the Williams family, after losing their first son in 2019, this is the second son they have lost to gun violence.

Morrow Police thanked everyone who helped with the investigation. Including the MARTA Criminal Investigations Unit, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office Fugitive Squad, the Cobb County Police SWAT team, and the Cobb County Police VIPER Unit.


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