How did Christian Kath family from Gympie die? Plane crash, explained



How did Christian Kath family from Gympie die? Plane crash, explained

In a US plane catastrophe, an Australian family perishes. See how the Gympie, Australia, Christian Kath family perished and the plane catastrophe in more detail.

What happened to Christian Kath’s family?

With hopes dwindling that their pilot father will be discovered alive, a mother and daughter from Queensland have been confirmed dead in a light plane crash in the United States.

According to Florida’s Venice Police, the family’s chartered jet crashed into the Gulf of Mexico on Saturday night, killing 42-year-old Christian Kath from Gympie, his wife Misty Kath, 43, and their 12-year-old daughter Lily. A second daughter, Harper, 10, who wasn’t on the flight, is still living with the family. Ms. Kath and the couple’s 12-year-old daughter’s bodies have been found, but Mr. Kath is still missing.

Investigators think that the family had rented the aircraft, which crashed shortly after takeoff. Mr. Kath had just gotten his pilot’s license, and early this year, he posted pictures of his maiden solo flight to social media.

Ms. Kath’s body discovered

The body of Ms. Kath was found in the Gulf on Sunday morning, according to Venice Police Chief Charles Thorpe, and that is when the tragedy was initially reported to the authorities.

The Federal Aviation Administration subsequently called the police to report that a hired plane had never returned, which sparked a hunt for the missing aircraft. There was no mayday call issued prior to the crash, according to Chief Thorpe.

The daughter’s body was recovered on Sunday afternoon after the single-engine Piper Cherokee was discovered.

Police and other search boats are still looking for Mr. Kath in a 13 square kilometer region south of where they think the jet crashed.

Christian Kath’s Final post

In March, Mr. Kath published a message on social media to commemorate his maiden flight alone.

Today was my first solo flight,” he stated. “I felt very delighted to have completed a goal I’ve had since I was eight years old. I began my training in late December and am currently halfway through obtaining my private pilot’s license.

It will all feel worthwhile when we can fly to the Keys for a weekend getaway with our two girls, Mr. Kath wrote in a note to his family.

Feel fortunate to reside in such a stunning region of the world and to be learning to fly, he remarked.

Still searching continues for Mr. Kath

At Daniels Health, a medical waste company in St. Petersburg, Florida, since December 2018, Mr. Kath has served as chief operations officer.

Before moving to Brisbane about ten years ago, he served as a production manager at Kenilworth Country Foods, the Superbee Honey Factory, and Kenilworth Country Foods.

The damaged wing of a light aircraft with yellow floatation devices in the sea.


This case is still under investigation, check later for updates.



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