Who is Jane Doe? Massage therapist accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault

Harvey Weinstein case

A massage therapist claims that she remained silent for years as a result of the embarrassment she felt after repeatedly letting movie producer Harvey Weinstein have her alone after he sexually attacked her. Let’s see who is Jane Doe and Harvey Weinstein rape case in detail.

Who is Jane Doe?

Jane Doe is a certified massage therapist. She details a series of allegedly detailed experiences in which Harvey Weinstein allegedly masturbated in front of her during professional meetings.

She was the second of five women Weinstein is accused of sexually abusing to testify at his trial. She is known in court as Jane Doe

She said that in 2010 when she was 28 and had only met Weinstein once through a friend, she had been asked to go to his Beverly Hills hotel room and give him a massage.

After about 40 minutes, he canceled the meeting. Weinstein then entered, blocked the door, and started masturbating in front of her while she was washing her hands in the restroom.

Harvey Weinstein case

Jane Doe is the victim of the Harvey Weinstein case. As she was testifying in the 70-year-old former movie magnate’s Los Angeles trial, the woman recalled asking the defendant, “What are you doing?”

“This is not appropriate! Can you please go back to the other room, and get your clothes on?” She cried as she said, “I was terrified. I thought I was about to get raped.” Weinstein tried to rape her.

After the encounter, the woman said Weinstein regularly texted and contacted her. She grudgingly agreed to visit him again a month or more later on the condition that there would be no sex. She said that during the massage, however, Weinstein did remove his robe and expose herself to him.

Later, she saw Weinstein once more to treat only an injured foot, but as soon as she was through, he started masturbating in her presence once more. She cried and stated she was “disgusted,” refusing to accept any payment. Disgusted that that just happened to me, and I just stood there”.

“That’s one of the reasons why I didn’t want to come forward,” she said, “because this is embarrassing.”

What happened to Jane Doe?

Jane Doe is a high-profile massage therapist who mostly serves A-list celebrities as her clientele. She indicated to the jury that because of the nature of her work as a masseuse, it was usual for her to give a customer a massage in the seclusion of their house in a hotel room.

When she arrived, clients were frequently practically naked, wearing a bathrobe. Nothing appeared to be “peculiar weird” when the woman arrived at Weinstein’s hotel room in 2010 at the Montage in Beverly Hills, California, she claimed.

“I’ve given several massages in hotel rooms,” she said. When Weinstein’s hour-long massage began, she remarked that he was “quite polite” and “extremely friendly.” But later he becomes aggressive. She claimed that a few months later when she introduced Weinstein to a friend who was writing a coffee table book on Los Angeles, they crossed paths once more.

She believed she could escape being alone with him, but when Weinstein requested a private conversation, he once more started to masturbate and went closer to her. “I screamed this time”, she said.

When asked why she did not call the police, the woman replied, “I felt embarrassed and scared.” She remarked, “I work with high-end clients who trust me.

I wouldn’t have been able to deal with high-profile clients, and that’s all I work with if I made it known that Harvey Weinstein had sexually attacked me.

Weinstein is charged with one count of sexual battery against the woman and in total faces, 11 rape and sexual assault counts in California. He is serving a 23-year sentence for a conviction in New York.

Later in the trial, he’s expected to give a testimony. When she was giving Gibson a massage and the actor-director mentioned a project he might be working on with Weinstein, the topic unintentionally came up.

She remarked, “I went into shock and I started crying. I finally told him about what had happened, and he was the first. I told him that he had sexually attacked me, but I refrained from going into detail because I felt ashamed and degraded.”

Jane Doe admitted that she holds herself accountable and wished she had taken more action. She told the jury that one of the reasons she came forward was to support other women going through similar circumstances.

“I felt that there were probably a lot of women in my situation that kept going back to the person that assaulted them or raped them,” she said. “I wanted them to be sure they knew they were not alone because I went back.”


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