Who is Herberth Bonilla-Garcia? One of El Salvador’s 100 most wanted criminals captured

Herberth Bonilla-Garcia

A Salvadoran fugitive, Herberth Bonilla-Garcia who is one of the top 100 wanted offenders in El Salvador was apprehended earlier this month after a planned operation in Manassas. Let’s see more about the Herberth Bonilla-Garcia in detail.

Who is Herberth Bonilla-Garcia? 

Herberth Bonilla Garcia, a 40-year-old American, was detained and deported by agents from the Detention and Deportation Operations of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Service on December 1.

According to ICE and the US Embassy in San Salvador, Bonilla Garcia was the subject of arrest warrants from the government of El Salvador in 2015 for unlawful association and severe extortion.

At least twice prior to this, Bonilla-Garcia entered the United States without being admitted or paroled by a designated immigration officer on unknown dates and at unknown locations.

Bonilla-Garcia has already been deported from the United States in 2006 and 2012. The Central American nation issued arrest orders for Bonilla-Garcia in January and April 2015.

“Herberth Bonilla-Garcia has a history of unlawfully entering the U.S. and this time he apparently did so to escape justice in his home country,” said Assistant Field Office Director Erik Weiss of ERO Washington, D.C.

“The United States is not a safe haven for the world’s criminals. ERO Washington, D.C. remains committed to protecting our residents by enforcing our laws and exhausting every effort to ensure fugitives face the justice they seek to evade.”

One of El Salvador’s ‘100 most wanted criminals’ captured:

The FBI reportedly informed the Enforcement and Removal Operations in October that Bonilla-Garcia was possibly in the Northern Virginia area.

He was captured by the officers during a targeted operation in Manassas. He is currently being held in ERO custody until his transfer to El Salvador.

Bonilla-Garcia, according to Crime Stoppers El Salvador, is a street gang member of the MS-13. Street gangs in El Salvador have become one of the country’s most serious crime problems, with members murdering and extorting money from companies, taxi and bus drivers, and store owners.

Recently, lawmakers extended President Nayib Bukele’s emergency powers to continue his nine-month campaign against gangs. The crackdown began in March in response to an increase in homicides.

About ERO:

Using their expertise as law enforcement authorities and acting in a way that best defends against the biggest dangers to the nation, ICE officers make enforcement judgments on a case-by-case basis professionally and responsibly.

Federal immigration judges in the immigration courts, which are run by the Justice Department’s Executive Office for Immigration Review, or EOIR, ensure that noncitizens who have been put into removal proceedings are given their constitutional right to a fair trial.

Separate from the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, EOIR is a division of the U.S. Department of Justice.

These courts’ immigration judges base their judgments on the merits of each particular case. Officers of Immigration and Customs Enforcement carry out the rulings for removal made by federal immigration judges.

ERO detained 12,025 people with serious criminal convictions in the fiscal year 2021. An estimated 1,506 homicide-related offenses, 3,415 sexual assaults, 19,549 assaults, 2,717 robberies, and 1,063 kidnappings were connected to noncitizens who were apprehended in FY 2021.

The ERO directorate of ICE upholds American immigration law outside of and inside our borders. ERO operations target people who pose a threat to public safety.

It includes gang members and criminal noncitizens, as well as those who have broken other immigration rules, such as those who have illegally re-entered the country after being deported and those who are wanted by federal immigration judges.

ERO deportation officials working with Interpol also aid in pursuing overseas fugitives and fugitive arrest and removal cases of people wanted for crimes committed abroad but who are now at large in the US.

ERO oversees all aspects of the immigration enforcement procedure, including identification and arrest, detention, bond management, supervised release, transportation, and removal.


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