Who is Guilherme Messias Da Silva? Story behind the Brazilian delivery driver shootout Explained


Who is Guilherme Messias Da Silva? Story behind the Brazilian delivery driver shootout Explained


Guilherme Messias da Silva, a 21-year-old delivery rider who was scheduled to fly back to Brazil, along with musician Perm, perished in the Railton Road bloodshed. Let’s see what happened to him and the Story behind the Brazilian delivery driver shootout in detail


Who were the victims?

The victims of a shooting in south London have been identified as Perm, a drill rapper, and a 21-year-old takeaway delivery driver.

During the attack on Sunday night, Guilherme Messias da Silva, a 21-year-old takeaway delivery driver who was dropping off his final order of the day, perished.

Drill rapper Perm, who is thought to have been the target of the attack, is reported to be the second casualty of the gunshot.

Just before 8 o’clock, police were contacted after reports of gunshots being heard on Railton Road in Brixton, south London.

Firearms experts from the Metropolitan Police and the London Ambulance Service flocked to the site.

Both individuals were declared dead at the site by medical personnel despite the efforts of rescue responders.

What happened to the victims?

Locals claim that 12 rounds were fired between “a pair on a moped and others in a car,” and that there were car accidents. It was thought that Guilherme, who was from the small town of Petrolina de Goias, near the Brazilian capital Brasilia, died of his wounds after being hit by one of the cars that veered off the road during the shooting.

Guilherme was supposedly making his final delivery of the day when he passed away, according to a Deliveroo employee who was in the area on Monday.

He was a “nice boy” and “young,” according to Paulo Silva, 42, who also claimed that he had been intending to travel to Brazil in December.

Guilherme was recalled as “a humble and hard-working lad” who “lost his life working during a gang brawl in Brixton” in a memorial posted on social media in both Brazilian and English.

The report continues, “He was fatally struck by the bandits’ automobile. This first-world nation, which many people from outside observe, is not just a sea of roses! With no family around and constant hazards, this is a daily struggle. God provides your loved one’s comfort.

Rip Messages to the victims:

God welcomes you with wide arms, young man! Although the identity of those who were killed has not yet been confirmed by the Metropolitan Police, drill rapper Perm, who is thought to have been the target of the attack, has received tributes online.

On Monday morning, the musician’s father Dean Whyte shared a tribute on social media, sharing a photo of his son and writing, “R.i.p my boy daddy loves you.” “Life has permanently changed.”

The British professional boxer Dillian Whyte, who reposted his eulogy for Perm, is close friends with Dean.

Blackbox Global, a management and promotional business that works to develop events and opportunities for boxers, is led by Dean personally. On various online music news sites, tributes to Perm have also been made.

One of them stated, “R.I.P. UK Drill Artist # Perm, who was shot and died in a shooting which took place in Brixton last night.”

Guilherme Messias Da Silva Shootout Explained

On Monday, there were white forensic tents set up in the area, where the road was littered with debris. A silver car with one missing tire and a moped were the two wrecked vehicles.

There was a 322 bus parked inside the police perimeter. No arrests have yet been made, according to a statement from the police, who are pleading with anyone with information to come forward.

Sebastian Morrison, a local neighbor, stated Friday night: “I’m not a direct witness; I just happened to see the situation when I went to the store. I talked to a few residents who had heard and seen some of it.

I heard shots, and a police officer on the site informed me that there was a shooting. Locals heard 12 bullets fired during a firefight between a pair on a motorbike and a group of persons in a sedan. The vehicle has wrecked there.

Police were alerted to complaints of gunshots heard on Railton Road in SE24 at around 19:50 on Sunday, October 30, according to a Met spokesperson. Along with the London Ambulance Service and the London Air Ambulance, officers are present, including weapons officers.

“At the scene, two injured males were discovered. Emergency personnel made an effort to save them, but they were both declared dead on the spot. At this moment, there is no confirmation of the nature of their wounds. “Local residents will see an enhanced police presence in the area and are advised to speak with officers if they have any information,” the spokesperson added. “At this stage, there have been no arrests and inquiries continue.

“Anyone with information is asked to call police via 101 quoting reference CAD 6166/30Oct. To remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”



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