Who is Evan Kail? How did he find the Unseen Photos of a 1937 Massacre? Revealed

who is Evan Kail

Evan Kail, a collector, claims to have discovered previously unpublished images of the Nanjing Massacre, but other social media historians are doubtful. Let’s see who is Evan Kail.


Who is Evan Kail?

Evan Kail has spent his entire life in Minnesota. He was raised in the neighbourhood of Edina and earned a degree in Japanese studies from the University of Minnesota in 2012.

Who is Evan Kail

Since finishing his first spec script as a junior in college, he has been actively pursuing his writing goals and has branched into a variety of artistic disciplines. He is frequently online, in front of a canvas, or in a martial arts studio where he practises Tae Kwon Do and Kumdo.

He also possesses black belts in both of these schools. He is an ardent supporter of various progressive causes and is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. His debut novel, “Ubered,” won’t be his final one.

How did he find the Unseen Photos of a 1937 Massacre?

Evan Kail claims that a customer handed him an antique album of images from World War II with the goal to sell it in a TikTok video that has received over 9.5 million views. He looked inside the album and saw some distressing images that were marked as having been taken during the six-week-long December 1937 massacre that saw the Imperial Japanese Army kill at least 200,000 Chinese citizens.

The pictures don’t appear to be anything unusual at first sight.


What Kail said about the image?

It begins out well, and the soldier is stationed in Southeast Asia, most likely in the years 1937 to 1938, according to Kail. But this is where the images start to get more war-related.

I cannot show you what’s beyond this page, he says as he flips the page to what are likely pictures from the Nanjing Massacre, also known as the Nanking Massacre or the Rape of Nanking.


When Kail receive the book?

As Kail received the book on Monday, she screamed when she opened it and went beyond that page. “However, that photographer was present during the Nanking Rape.

He took about 30 black-and-white photos that have never been seen before in history and are far worse than anything I’ve ever seen online in colour.


What Kail study about the image?

He continues, “I majored in Japanese studies, and we studied the Rape of Nanking. I recall having teachers tell me that the Japanese primarily destroyed the photographic evidence. “There are very, very few images out there. This guy shot pictures of things that I had no idea had ever been photographed before but that I had read about in literature.

However, there are still open issues regarding the veracity of the images. For instance, the photo album indicates that the U.S.S. Augusta was the vessel that its owner sailed.

The ship had been to Nanking numerous times, but on December 12, over 300 kilometres away, it was in Shanghai when it picked up the survivors of a gunboat and three oil tankers, whose ships had been downed by Japanese naval planes north of Nanking.


Is he posted the picture?

Additionally, Khail posted some of the graphically intense photographs on Twitter. One shows a guy chained to a post and being tortured to death with knives, with the slogan “Death of a thousand cuts,” and other images show beheadings and corpses with their hands tied behind their backs.

Twitter users were quick to point out that some of the shared photographs had previously been posted online in circumstances that were inconsistent with the album’s captions.

Similar pictures of the man being executed by torture had already been posted online and identified as being of a man by the name of Fu Zhuli. Public execution of a communist in the streets of Nanking, 1927, is the name given to the photograph of a man being beheaded in public, which is offered as a stock photo.

In order for his film’s contents to be kept and subsequently investigated, Kail asks his viewers to “blow this video up so that the relevant channels can notice that I have it and contact me.”



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