Who is Duncan Kealoha Mahi? Alleged Hawaii Island kidnapper to undergo mental fitness exam


Who is Duncan Kealoha Mahi? Alleged Hawaii Island kidnapper to undergo mental fitness exam

An alleged kidnapper from Hawaii Island will be evaluated for mental health. Let’s see about the suspect Duncan Kealoha Mahi and this case in detail.


Who is Duncan Kealoha Mahi?

Hilo District Court (sep-20)- A 52-year-old man who is suspected of kidnapping a 15-year-old girl from a Waikoloa beach made his first court appearance.

On charges of two counts of kidnapping, two counts of first-degree terroristic threatening, two counts of first-degree robbery, one count of trafficking methamphetamine, and one count of first-degree sexual assault involving a minor who is at least 14 years old but younger than 16.

Also, one count of first-degree sexual assault, one count of first-degree sexual assault, and two counts of third-degree sexual assault, Duncan Kealoha Mahi appeared before Judge Jeffrey Hawk via video conference from Mahi is being held at the Hawaii Community Correctional Center, and a $2 million bail has been set for him.

Mahi has four felony convictions on his record for burglary, terroristic threatening, and mistreatment of a family or household member. Three more misdemeanor convictions for resisting arrest, criminal contempt of court, and consuming or carrying alcohol while operating a vehicle are also on his record.

Duncan Kealoha Mahi

Mikella Lani Debina, kidnapping case: Explained

On Friday afternoon in Waikoloa, Mahi is said to have kidnapped the teenager from a beach in Anaehoomalu Bay. A Maile Amber Alert was issued in response to the kidnapping, and local, state, and federal authorities all got involved.

The 15-year-old was aided by good Samaritans in escaping from her abductor on Saturday afternoon, according to the Hawaii Police Department. Mahi was apprehended by police in Hilo that afternoon.

After persuading her accused kidnapper to pay for a meal, a nice restaurant employee saved a 15-year-old girl who had been abducted from a Hawaii beach.


What happened to the 15-year-old girl Debina?

According to the Hawai’i Police Department, 52-year-old Duncan Kealoha Mahi was detained on Saturday in Hilo on the east side of Hawaii’s large island for kidnapping a 15-year-old girl.

Authorities named the missing girl Mikella Debina and said she was last seen around 1:30 p.m. on Friday at Anaeho’omalu Bay Beach on the northwest coast of Hawai’i Island.

Laurene Debina, the victim’s aunt, told Hawaii News Now that the suspected captor approached Debina and her boyfriend with a knife, forcing the girl to subdue him before fleeing. Laurene stated, “He had my niece tie up her boyfriend and blindfold him, and then [he] stole her.”

According to the Hawaii Tribune-Herald, the kidnapping led to the first-ever Amber Alert on the island. Investigators first located the youngster’s cell phone near the Kona airport, about 20 miles away, where they discovered it abandoned along with the outfit the teen had been wearing and her purse, according to Laurene Debina.

Debina was found after 20 hours of ground and air searches by watchful restaurant staff at Hilo’s Cafe Pesto on the eastern shore of the island — on the opposite side of the island, roughly 70 miles east of the beach where the youngster had been abducted.

Cherese “Cher” Angelel, the mother of the victim, told News Now that workers freed her daughter by “ripping her from her captor,” describing them as “heroes.”

Angelel revealed to Fox Honolulu affiliate KHON-TV that her daughter persuaded her purported kidnapper to take her out for lunch before making an effort to flee. A cafe host allegedly stepped in to stop Mahi’s apparent attempt to physically restrain Debina.

Who Rescued the girl?

A 15-year-old girl, Mikella DeBina, was abducted Friday afternoon and reunited with her family yesterday afternoon. The 52-year abductor, Duncan Kealoha Mahi, has been arrested and taken into custody.

Bridge Hartman, a worker at Café Pesto in downtown Hilo, noticed a little girl eluding a middle-aged male as he was inside the hallway leading to the restaurant on Saturday. He yelled, “It’s her, it’s her.”

Bridge Hartman


How Hatman saved Debina?

Mikella Lani Debina, 15, was mentioned in recent Amber Alerts that were distributed to residents of the Big Island and even Maui, and Hartman recognized her. Hartman sprinted over to assist Debina, wresting her from her 52-year-old kidnapper and assisting her back into the eatery. The manager of the café, Mario Castillo, told Big Island Now that the man “rushed her in here and instructed everyone out there to get that guy.”

The bayfront business patrons chased after the evading individual but were unsuccessful in catching him. They were able to obtain the car’s license plate number and reported it to the police.

As a result, police began looking for Duncan Kealoha Mahi, who they say is guilty of stealing Debina from a Waikoloa beach on Friday afternoon. By Saturday afternoon, they had taken him into custody. Castillo praised Hartman, his employee, who after the trying experience went home for the remainder of the day, saying, “He did a fantastic job.” “The day was good,”

Debina Reunited with her family after 24 Hours

In Hilo, about 70 miles from Waikloa, where the youngster was kidnapped at knifepoint by a shirtless guy wearing construction boots and a T-shirt wrapped around his face covering everything but his eyes, Debina, and her family were reunited after nearly 24 excruciating hours.

The rescue assisted in bringing a scary chapter for the town to a heartbreaking close. Police broke the news to the family, who then shared it with the hordes of friends, family, reporters, and locals who had gathered at the scene of the kidnapping to assist in the hunt for the missing daughter.

Mikella’s mother gave an emotional speech to the group and revealed that her daughter persuaded the man to take her to Café Pesto so that she could have something to eat. She left the car against his instructions to do so; as he attempted to wrestle her back in, this man intervened to save her.

Duncan Kealoha Mahi: Mental Fitness Exam

According to officials, the suspected kidnapper of a Big Island youngster from a beach will go through a “mental fitness exam” to see if he is fit to face trial.

Duncan Mahi, 52, the alleged kidnapper from Hawaii Island, was charged with 11 counts in September, including kidnapping, terrorism threat, and sexual assault.

Soon after observant good Samaritans at a Hilo cafe identified the kidnapped 15-year-old from an AMBER alert and whisked her to safety, Mahi was captured by Hawaii Island police officers.

Police claim in court filings that they were also successful in searching Mahi’s possessions and vehicle. They discovered vital evidence, such as the yellow bus with the shackle and the bucket of zip ties, to support the victim’s claims.

His pre-trial conference was postponed as a result of the judgment. Mahi’s court date is set for January 26, 2023.



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