Who is Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr? Know about University of Virginia manhunt suspect

Following the killing of three people in a shooting at the University of Virginia in the US, police in that country have initiated a manhunt for a student who is deemed to be “armed and dangerous.” Let’s see who Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr is and about the complete information of the suspect in detail.

What happened at the University of Virginia?

The incident allegedly took place on the UVA campus at about 10:30 p.m., according to the university.

Following a shooting on the University of Virginia campus Sunday evening, three individuals have died and two more have been hurt.

On Monday morning, the UVA Police Department said that three persons had passed away and two more had been hurt. Medical care was given to both victims.

Who is the suspect?

The university’s police department on Monday named student Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. as the person responsible for the shooting, which occurred on the Charlottesville campus on Sunday at around 10.30 p.m. local time.

Who is Christopher Darnell Jones, Jr?

Jones was a freshman on the football squad in 2018, according to a U-Va athletics website, although he didn’t play in any games.

In the past, he had participated in running back and linebacker teams at Petersburg High School in Virginia.

Before that, he attended Varina High School for three years, where he excelled as a footballer.
Although it is unknown at this time if he is still enrolled at the University of Virginia, two students claim that he is still listed in the university directory.

Police Identification

The university police acknowledged that a manhunt was underway involving numerous authorities.
They urged onlookers to report Jones to 911 instead of approaching him.

Authorities believe Jones may have been operating a black SUV with Virginia license plates TWX3580 and was wearing a “burgundy jacket, blue trousers, and red sneakers.”

Virginia University Vice-President statement

The vice president of the institution advised all students to seek protection and abide by shelter-in-place orders as long as the situation was active in an email to the student body.

Jim Ryan, the president of the University of Virginia, wrote on twitter on Monday:

“I am heartbroken to report that the shooting has resulted in three fatalities; two additional victims were injured and are receiving medical care.”

“We are working closely with the families of the victims, and we will share additional details as soon as we are able.”

Ryan advised calling the UVA Emergency Hotline at 877-685-4836 to get in touch with loved ones or friends who are on campus.

Student’s statement

Em Gunter, a sophomore at the University of Virginia, claimed that she heard gunshots late on Sunday while studying in her dorm.

“I looked over to my friend and like, ‘Did you hear that?’ I was like, ‘I think that was like gunfire,'” I exclaimed “In a phone interview with ABC News early on Monday, Gunter recalled staying indoors during the storm.

Junior’s statement

Since Nicholas Lansing’s dorm room is on the ground floor, Gunter invited him to take refuge at her third-story apartment.

“I have one locked door, but I also have a glass window that leads directly outside. So I’ve been up here on the third floor in Em’s room for the past three and a half hours,” Junior at the University of Virginia, Lansing, spoke with ABC News over the phone.

“I don’t want to go downstairs while there is a shootout going on and the suspects are still missing.”

Classes Cancelled

Due to the fatal shooting, which the university president described as a  “traumatic incident for everyone in our community.” classes were cancelled for Monday.

Gunter claimed that she and her classmates have been taking cover in their dorm rooms for about six hours. She said, “I’m terrified. “I have no words.”

Albemarle County Public Schools and Charlottesville City Schools have likewise called off classes  out of an abundance of caution.

The shelter in place order

The UVA emergency management department advised students to stay indoors until midnight and to “call out to friends and family and advise of your condition.” At 4 a.m., the shelter-in-place order was still in force.

The neighborhood was urged to “Please, please take the shelter in place commands seriously as the situation remains active,” in a message that was sent shortly after around 1:15 a.m.

“Later, the emergency management office said multiple police agencies were “actively searching for the suspect.” As the weekend concluded, the news of the shootings surprised students and others on campus.

Governor’s statement

Glenn Youngkin, the governor of Virginia, said in statement that prayers are being offered for the students and faculty.
The shooting’s motivation is yet unknown.

Right to bear Guns

The incident is the most recent in string of shootings that have occurred on US college and secondary school campuses recently. 
In the United States, where the Second Amendment of the Constitution preserves the right to beararms, the violence has inflamed the debate for tougher limitations on access to guns.

FEAP Program

Any students who require counseling or psychiatric services can reach them at 434-243-5150 any time of day or night.
The Faculty and Employee Assistance Program is available to faculty and employees who require counseling by calling 434-243-2643 or by sending an email through the FEAP website.

Prayers to the students

People have been commenting about the incident and praying for the safety of virginia university student.

Hoo Roots tweeted,

“Prayers for the safety of all students and that the suspect is apprehended soon. Prayers for the families and friends of the deceased and for those who have been injured! Dark day for the UVA Community!”

Mike M tweeted,

“Sending my prayers to the #uva community today. 🙏”

Kristin Musselman wrote,

“Keeping the entire UVA community in my thoughts. I’m so sorry for this tragic loss. Sending prayers to those grieving a loved one. Thinking of those still sheltered in place and feeling the anxiety of these circumstances.”

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