How did Vicky Phelan die? Cervical cancer campaigner cause of death Explained

Vicky Phelan cause of death

Vicky Phelan, an Irish cervical cancer activist who exposed one of the largest medical scandals in recent times, passed away at the age of 48 on November 14, 2022. Let’s see how did Cervical cancer campaigner die and Vicky Phelan cause of death in detail.

How did Vicky Phelan die?

Vicky Phelan passed away this morning at Milford Hospice in Limerick. The mother-of-two from Limerick made national news after filing a High Court action regarding the handling of her cervical smears, which ultimately led to a number of reviews of Ireland’s CervicalCheck cervical cancer screening programme. Cancer is the Vicky Phelan cause of death

“There are no winners here today. I am terminally ill and there is no cure for my cancer,” she said.

She passed away this morning at Milford Hospice, leaving behind her husband Jim, son Darragh, 11, and daughter Amelia, 16 years old.

Vicky Phelan cause of death:

This is very, very terrible news, the Taoiseach said, ” I think she was a woman of extraordinary courage and integrity, who stood up for the women of Ireland, but not just the women of Ireland, but the women globally.” He extended his ‘deepest sympathies to her family.

“I think in the history of this country, I think her actions, particularly in terms of not signing a confidentiality agreement at that particular time and her statement, and on the steps of the High Court will live long in the memory as an example of someone who stood up against the system and the normal conventions of actions and so on to say ‘no, I’m not signing that, I want this revealed in the public interest”, Taoiseach added.

Taking to social media, she wrote: “So, I have been holding off on sharing the news that my cancer is growing back (slowly, thankfully). I needed the time to absorb this news and for my family and friends to absorb it too.
In addition to growth in three tumors, I have developed a new (tiny – 3mm) tumor in my lung.

Vicky Phelan cause of death was cancer.

Vicky Phelan’s Cancer campaign:

Ms. Phelan, who hails from Mooncoin, Co. Kilkenny, had her first smear test for cervical cancer in 2011. Although her first test results were normal, Vicky was given a cervical cancer diagnosis in 2014, and a subsequent internal investigation by CervicalCheck revealed that her first result was incorrect.

In April 2018, she resolved a High Court action with Clinical Pathology Labs US for €2.5 million without admitting guilt. Before receiving her diagnosis three years later, she had a smear test performed in 2011 that revealed no abnormalities. The initial smear screening result was incorrect, according to an internal CervicalCheck audit. In order to receive treatment, she frequently traveled to the US.

Campaigner, Vicky Phelan acknowledged that her cancer had progressed but vowed to keep fighting for people who had been harmed by the Cervical Check affair. Two years before, she has regrettably gotten a new lung tumor while praising a breakthrough medication for which she zealously advocated.


Vicky Phelan- CervicalCheck cancer scandal:

On April 26, 2018, the HSE said that 206 women who underwent a misdiagnosed CervicalCheck smear test had gone on to develop cervical cancer. Of them, 162 were not informed that the preliminary findings were inaccurate.

The clinical director of CervicalCheck, Dr. Grainne Flannelly, resigned on April 28. It was revealed a week earlier that Dr. Flannelly had in 2017 counseled a gynecologist to file the test results rather than inform the women about the reevaluated results.

Tony O’Brien, director-general of the HSE, took a brief leave of absence from the board of a US medical company in May 2018 amid continuing calls for him to resign in light of the ongoing controversy.

With effect from closure, Tony O’Brien announced his resignation as director-general of the HSE. Vicky Phelan, a terminally ill mother of two children whose court battle with the government served as one of the impetuses for the controversy’s release, was named one of the BBC’s 100 Women of 2018.

Phelan received the Freedom of Limerick in February 2022 in honor of her contributions to the CervicalCheck campaign. Following this scandal, BreastCheck and BowelScreen have come under more scrutiny.

Ms. Phelan was honored by Irish lawmakers and friends, who described her as “a woman of extraordinary courage and integrity,” according to Taoiseach Michael Martin. Ms. Phelan and Stephen Teap, whose late wife had a false negative reading, arrive at Leinster House in Dublin to give testimony before the Public Accounts Committee.


Tributes to Vicky Phelan:

aoifegracemoore tweeted,

Every woman in Ireland owes Vicky a debt of gratitude. We are a better country for her being in it. This didn’t have to happen and I am devastated that it did. Rest in peace, Vicky.

Charlie Bird tweeted,

My heart is broken just hearing about the passing of Vicky Phelan. Over the past year, she gave me great support to keep fighting my terminal illness. This whole country should be in mourning at the passing of this remarkable human being. My heart is broken. My hero is gone.

Richard Chambers tweeted,

Heartbreaking news. We’ve lost an incredible and courageous campaigner; a champion for the voiceless and someone who refused to accept things as they are. She was a wonderful and funny woman who always left you feeling better having talked to her. Vicky Phelan cause of death was cancer.

Mary Lou McDonald tweeted,

Ní Bheidh A Leithéid Ann Arís. Vicky Phelan, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Champion of Women, and Campaigner who took on the State and won. Rest in Peace.

Niamh Fitzpatrick tweeted,

The world was a better place with the mighty Vicky Phelan in it. A courageous, determined, authentic woman who selflessly & tirelessly worked to make life better for others. May her beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. Deepest condolences to her family & all who love her.

Ciara tweeted,

Rest in power Vicky Phelan. Ireland failed her, yet she reacted by spending her life fighting to make it a better place for all of us. One of the best people this island has ever had.

Louise McSharry tweeted,

I have so much respect and admiration for Vicky Phelan’s refusal to go down quietly, and her unbelievably generous advocacy for other women. Thinking of her family and all who loved her. May she rest in peace.


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