Who is Anthony Fantano? Meet the Music critic who got clapped by Drake

who is Anthony Fantano

American music reviewer and YouTuber Anthony Fantano is in charge of the website and YouTube channel The Needle Drop. Let’s see who is Anthony Fantano.


What happened between Drake and Anthony?

Between Drake and music writer Anthony Fantano, some conflict has surfaced.

The Needle Drop, the 36-year-YouTube old’s channel with 2.6 million subscribers, features discussions and reviews of many musical genres.

Drake has obviously observed that he isn’t the singer’s greatest fan and has openly criticised his most recent albums on his YouTube channel.

This week, the rapper poked fun at the critic in his Instagram DMs, and the critic fired back with a humorous video in which he presented several examples of “false” DMs.

who is Anthony Fantano?

The owner of the website and YouTube channel The Needle Drop, Anthony Fantano, is an American music reviewer. His blog and YouTube videos analyse and debate a range of musical genres.

Fantano is of Sicilian American ancestry and was born in Connecticut. Fantano’s work as a music director at the campus radio station of Southern Connecticut State University began in the middle of the 2000s. Fantano began his employment with Connecticut Public Radio in 2007 and hosted The Needle Drop.

who is Anthony Fantano

Anthony Fantano shares some fake Drake DMS

The music critic published a video titled “Drake Slid Into My DMs” on his second YouTube account Fantano on Thursday, September 15.

He revealed several Instagram direct messages (DMs) that he said Drake had sent him in the eight-minute clip, as well as several screenshots.

He asserted that he was doing weights in the garage when he became sidetracked by a message from the One Dance vocalist.

One of the most influential figures in the music business, Drake, a flaming Canadian, contacted him, he claimed.


A Music Reviewer Says Drake Sent a Cookie Recipe

The “strange and unexpected” message, according to Anthony, said: “Anthony! Drizzy is here. I am aware that we don’t always agree on musical matters and that you aren’t the biggest admirer of the majority of my albums.

The message went on to say, “But it is what it is you know, can always hope you enjoy the next one,” before taking an odd turn.

The music critic claimed Drake emailed him a recipe for vegan cookies that he wanted him to taste, along with a detailed list of the ingredients.

If you could test this out and let me know whether it’s worthwhile to attempt it myself, I’d really appreciate it! We value you! Drizzy, leave! The message came to an end.

Anthony then said, “It’s crazy that he messaged me,” before praising him and concluding, “You’re the best.”

The screenshots that Drake uploaded were phoney, he said in a hasty response to the video, which was very clear from the sarcasm.



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