Who is Andrew Ridley AKA ‘Aids Man’? Suspect of killing Shimron Adams arrested


Who is Andrew Ridley AKA ‘Aids Man’? Suspect of killing Shimron Adams arrested

A “known character” has been detained by police for the slaying of a businessman. Learn more about Who is Andrew Ridley AKA ‘Aids Man’ the Suspect of killing Shimron and this murder case in detail.


Who is Andrew Ridley AKA ‘Aids Man’?

Andrew Ridley, popularly known as “Aides Man,” was detained on Wednesday and identified as the main suspect in the murder of 41-year-old businessman Shimron Adams. Ridley is from Lot 173 Campbell Street in Albouystown, Georgetown.

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "WANTED Jushic lush PESCESE tion 1 nCis Ttnk yuu !!! ANDREW RIDLEY ANDREW RIDLEY C/D "AIDSMAN" IS WANTED BY THE POLICE FOR QUESTIONING IN RELATION το MURDER COMMITTED ON DEXTER MC FARLENE. ETHNICITY: AFRICAN DESCENT AGE: 30 YEARS OLD OFFENCE: MURDER COMMITTED ON DEXTER MC FARLENE. LAST KNOWN DATE OF OFFENCE: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 11, 2022. LOT 173 CAMPBELL ALBOUYSTOWN If seen or anyone who has information about the whereabouts of the said wanted person, please contact the POLICE on 225-6940, 225-8196, 226- 7476, 225-2317, 225-8196, 227-1149 or the nearest police station. CORPORATE COMMUNICATIONS UNIT"

Andrew Ridley AKA ‘Aids Man’: Wanted suspect of Dexter McFarlene murder

Adams’ gold jewelry and a shoulder bag holding the day’s winnings were stolen from him. It has been a month since Ridley was placed on the wanted list in connection with the murder of Dexter McFarlene, who lived on Laing Avenue in West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, on November 11, 2022.

At the time of the robbery/murder, Ridley was reportedly seeing a woman who was also present at Adams’ business location at D’Urban and Chapel Street in Georgetown.

Adams knew the woman, but his sister Shivron Adams disputes the idea that they were romantically involved. However, the victim may have been set up, and the crime’s motivation is thought to have been a robbery.

Following the sound of gunfire, patrol ranks detained the woman, who claimed to be Ridley’s girlfriend. The woman claimed that Adams had packed up his inventory in a freezer and shut down his business location around 11:30 p.m.

Adams and the woman were instructed to lie on the ground and obeyed when two suspects forced their way inside the building through a zinc shutter ten minutes later. Adams was struck in the right abdomen by a bullet fired by the suspect brandishing a gun during a struggle.

Shimron Adams: Murder case Explained


GPF | Police are investigating the alleged murder committed on Shimron Adams, a 41-year-old businessman of Lot 129 Macaw Drive, Kaneville, East Bank Demerara which occurred at around 23:40hrs last night at Lot ‘H’ D’Urban and Chapel Street, Lodge, Georgetown. The two suspects reportedly wore surgical face masks, and one was armed with a handgun.

Police visited the scene at 23:55 hrs last night. Investigations so far revealed that the victim (Shimron Adams) operated a wholesale and retail business at the said location, where alcoholic beverages are sold at the bottom flat of the three-story concrete building located on the south-western side of D’Urban and Chapel Street.

The said business place is fitted with a zinc shutter to the northern side (front) and has CCTV cameras. According to a 29-year-old woman who shared an intimate relationship with the now deceased businessman, at around 21:30hrs last night (Dec 26), she went to Adams’ business place, where she consumed alcohol.

She said that at the time, the deceased had a gold finger ring and one gold band with a small bag hanging on his shoulder. At about 23:30hrs, the deceased closed his business place and started to pack items in a freezer. About ten minutes later, at about 23:40 hrs, the deceased opened the shutter for them to go out from the bottom flat.

At that point, two suspects entered the building through the said shutter and ordered them to lie on the ground, and they complied.

The unarmed suspect then took off the businessman’s gold band and finger ring and ordered him to get up, which he did. The suspect then held onto the businessman’s shoulder bag and pulled at it, but Adams continued to hold onto the bag to prevent the suspect from taking it.

The suspect, who was armed with the firearm, discharged a round at Adams, which struck him to his right abdomen and exited through his right side in the vicinity of his groin. The businessman then released the bag and fell to the ground helplessly while bleeding from the gunshot wound.

The suspect removed the shoulder bag, picked up the businessman’s phone and the cell phone from his 29-year-old female companion, and made good their escape through the shutter.

The businessman was picked-up by Police ranks from the Anti-Crime patrol and escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The body is presently lying at the said hospital’s mortuary, awaiting a postmortem examination. The scene was processed ranks from the CID headquarters, and one 9mm spent shell, along with a warhead, was recovered at the scene. The warhead and spent shell were sealed and lodged.

The body was examined, and it was observed that the deceased businessman was clad in short brown pants, a camouflage jersey, a grey vest, and a pair of multi-colored socks. The said clothing was drenched with what appeared to be blood.

The area was canvassed for CCTV cameras which were seen and captured when the suspects went to the said business place and left on a black and white XR motorcycle. The suspects escaped south onto Chapel Street, west onto Princess Street, and south onto St Stephen’s Street, Charlestown, where they were last seen.

What happened to Shimron Adams? 

According to a person familiar with the investigation, the incident was the result of a triangle-style love connection that the now-dead man, his girlfriend, and the man she had been seeing closely for the previous six years had.

The source claimed that after the woman’s admission and the information from the surveillance footage, police apprehended Andrew Ridley, who is well-known to them as he is also wanted for another recent murder. Along with the matching shots, a 9mm Taurus pistol was also found near the scene of Ridley’s arrest. According to reports, the weapon was the same one that was used to kill Adams.

According to the source, Ridley discovered images and videos of the woman and Adams together a few days ago and was immediately furious.

Detectives were informed by the lady that Ridley had promised to “straighten out” Adams if she did not break up with him. The woman claimed to have begged Ridley to keep Adams out of their argument, but Ridley maintained that Adams needed to be handled. She related how Ridley held onto her phone for a few days before giving it back to her on Boxing Day.

Detectives were informed by the woman that she did not take Ridley’s threats seriously because he had already returned her phone and everything appeared normal. The two spent the night together when the woman met Adams later that evening at his pub.

The woman claimed she recognized Ridley and one of his associates approaching her and Adams with the gun at the conclusion of Adams’ business on Boxing Night. She admitted to the police that she panicked and complied with their requests.

According to the woman, she was made to lie on the ground while she watched as Ridley started taking Adams’ jewelry and other belongings, including his bag, which allegedly included $1,000. She clarified that Ridley and his ally were simple to identify.

She told the cops that Ridley started hitting Adams while interrogating him about their evening plans. She informed the officers that Adams became enraged when he learned she knew the two guys, and a fight broke out when Ridley tried to steal Adams’ bag.

She admitted withholding the aforementioned facts the night of the murder out of fear for her life. On Boxing Night, two individuals who were wearing masks entered Adams’ place of work and killed him. He received two shots to the abdomen.

Her sister’s Statement

Shivon Adams, his sister, has reason to think there was a robbery involved, but she also thinks her brother was set up. “I heard that as he struggled to cling onto his bag as the thieves shot him as they tried to rob him as he was closing the store.

“I heard two men and that he was liming with some females at the business,” She was unable to confirm her brother’s knowledge of the women.

Normally, I am familiar with everyone he knows. I’m aware of the females he knows. I won’t know who they are unless I obtain a picture of them or their name. “The police officer told us that the night of the event that two girls were trying to get into his car when they drove up and were arrested.”

Shivon claims she overheard one of the ladies say she was in a relationship with her brother, but she is unable to verify it. Shivon claimed she met her brother on Christmas morning and witnessed him spending the day playing with his son. He left for work on Boxing Day, but his family learned the terrible news of his passing at around midnight.

The sister claimed that the family has not yet decided how to proceed. He had intended to celebrate my grandmother with a family day… To bring the family together, we were going to have it on New Year’s Day, she recalled. She claimed that Adams was devoted to the company and enjoyed what he did.

He enjoyed working every day, He built a shed because he planned to finish the outside with a beer garden. His holiday wish was that. According to a 29-year-old lady who had an intimate relationship with Adams and was present when the crime happened, he closed his shop at around 23:30 and began packing stuff in a freezer.

This information was provided in a statement from Police Headquarters. The woman said to the police that 10 minutes later, at 23:40 hours, he let them go by opening a zinc shutter at the front of the store.

Adams and the woman were then apparently forced to lie on the ground by two men who had just reportedly entered the premises through the shutter. Adams was hit in the right abdomen by a bullet that was fired at him by the suspect during a struggle.

“They removed a decent person from us… Since he was a child, he has never caused his mother any trouble. In his younger years, he caused no issues, and even as an adult, if he insults you right now, he will speak to you normally the next day. His sister said that he was a kind man who constantly sought to assist. He leaves behind a son who is 7 years old.


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