Who are Jermaine Adrian Bennett and Savonne Morrison? More about Jeffrey Chapman murder suspects


Who are Jermaine Adrian Bennett and Savonne Morrison? More about Jeffrey Chapman murder suspects

Jeffrey Chapman’s murder: Police reported the arrest of a second suspect over two weeks after a bicyclist was brutally murdered with a tire iron on Clearwater Beach.

Investigators claim the two proclaimed themselves “legends” for performing the horrifying murders and beating an elderly man in St. Petersburg hours before the murder.

Let’s look at Who are Jermaine Adrian Bennett and Savonne Morrison and More about Jeffrey Chapman murder suspects

Jeffrey Chapman murder incident: Explained

According to authorities, the two suspects implicated beat an elderly man in St. Petersburg and vandalized automobiles nearby about an hour before the savage murder of a Clearwater man in a beach neighborhood.

Investigators claimed that one texted the other saying, “We did it,” the morning following the crime spree. Police announced on Thursday that they had detained Savonne Morrison, 18, in connection with the murder in Clearwater. Jeffrey Chapman, 49, was slain on October 21. Jermaine Adrian Bennett was detained shortly after.

Deputy Chief Michael Walek stated, “We are certain [these] two individuals are accountable for this murder,” noting that Morrison was on probation for an armed carjacking.

A timeline of Morrison and Bennett’s activities was provided by the investigators. We about to become ghetto, Bennett texted Morrison at 8:07 p.m. on October 20.

Morrison was picked up by Bennett in Pasco. A timeline of Morrison and Bennett’s activities was provided by the investigators. We about to become ghetto, Bennett texted Morrison at 8:07 p.m. on October 20.

At 8:29 p.m., Bennett picked up Morrison in Pasco County. They traveled to St. Petersburg, where they made a film of themselves using a tire iron to smash the windows of automobiles and trucks. The time of this was between 11:09 pm. and 11:31 p.m.According to Assistant Chief Mike Kovacsev of the St. Petersburg police department, the incident occurred in the city’s Uptown neighborhood.
at 8:29.

Jeffrey Chapman: Who was he?

A friend of Jeffery Chapman remembers him as a friendly, jovial man who relocated to the North Beach neighborhood because he thought it was secure. Jeffery Chapman was brutally murdered in Clearwater while riding his bike.


Who are Jermaine Adrian Bennett and Savonne Morrison?

Detectives are currently sifting through thousands of videos on Bennett’s phone, according to Walek. They approached a senior citizen in St. Pete at about 11:35 p.m. along 22nd Avenue North, close to Bob’s Carpet Mart.

Kovacsev claimed that they beat the man with the same tire iron. The man had ribs and shattered bones, so he was hospitalized. He was later discharged from the hospital.

Both suspects were in Clearwater Beach at 12:37 in the morning when they saw Chapman riding a bicycle, according to the police.

According to Walek, Bennett beat Chapman after Morrison shoved the victim off of his bike. They both left the area.

Bennett allegedly posted the following on Instagram at 1:50 a.m.: “I committed two murders tonight.”

Deputy Chief Walek declared, “I want to be crystal clear that this was an entirely random incident. “The hapless person was not a target. The victim was merely attempting to ride his bike home when he was involved in a chance encounter that turned fatal.”

A caller called 911 to inform Clearwater police that they had heard a struggle and seen a “person down.” Officers responded and discovered Chapman’s body next to his bicycle in the 700 block of Mandalay Avenue in front of a house.

We don’t know how they wound themselves in Clearwater, but Jeremy’s death marked the end of their violent crime spree, according to Walek. “This was a pointless, horrifying crime with no justifiable justification.”

Bennett texted Morrison the following message at 11:07 a.m.: “We did it.” He wrote, “Lol dammit they shut off Clearwater,” five minutes later. “Legends” follows after nine minutes. Police detained Bennett in less than a day. He allegedly admitted to using the tire iron to strike Chapman more than ten times.

Bennett allegedly admitted to the crime to detectives after the “ills of society had gotten to him,” according to Walek. The cause of the men’s behavior that day may yet be the subject of further investigation, said investigators. Shortly after the murder, Bennett reported to work at Insight Family Eye Care in Wesley Chapel and showed no remorse, according to authorities.

He said that Chapman was simply in the wrong location at the wrong time because the two had traveled to Clearwater for an unforeseen reason. In that part of Clearwater Beach, “this is a really random act,” said Walek. “This kind of behavior doesn’t happen.”

Savonne Morrison 2nd suspect arrested

According to Clearwater Police, the second suspect in the beating death of a man in Clearwater Beach on October 21 has been detained.

As per CPD, Jeffrey Chapman, 49, who was beaten to death, was killed by Savonne Morrison, 18, of Land O’ Lakes, who was apprehended in Pasco County on a charge of principal to first-degree murder.

Morrison was allegedly out on felony probation for armed carjacking at the time of the murder, according to Clearwater Police.

Police have not yet been able to locate the owners of every damaged vehicle. Call Clearwater police at 727-562-4242 if you have any information on any instances involving Bennett and Morrison.




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