How did Joao Correia die? Why did he murder Veronica Goncalves? Explained

Brocton Woman murder

On Wednesday afternoon, a 48-year-old Brockton woman was discovered brutally killed in the driveway of her Crescent Street residence. Let’s see how did Joao Correia die and why did he murder Veronica Goncalves in detail.

Who is Joao Correia?

Joao Correia, a 56-year-old man was identified as the suspect in the murder of Brockton woman, Veronica Goncalves. The suspect, Joao Correia, 56, was taken into custody in a severe condition and was treated at a nearby hospital. Later, he was pronounced dead by the officials.

According to officials, a man named Joao Correia stabbed 48-year-old Veronica Goncalves in her Brockton driveway. Police stated, that Correia seems to be Goncalves’s ex-boyfriend.

Tim Cruz, the district attorney for Plymouth County, reported that Joao Correia, 56, passed away on Thursday at 8.30. PM. He was brought to a hospital after his arrest on Wednesday night.

Plymouth District Attorney Tim Cruz confirmed the death of the suspect, Joao Correia. According to the source, Correia drank battery acid before passing away.

First responders responded to a report of an unconscious person in a driveway at a home at 342 Crescent St. on the east side of Brockton, according to the source. Goncalves’ death is still under investigation, the District Attorney said.

However, the investigators have not yet disclosed any official information about the hospitalization and death reason of the suspect.

Why did Joao murder Veronica Goncalves?

The incident was described as “savage, vicious, and unprovoked” by investigators. At 1:00 pm, on Wednesday afternoon, officers were called to 342 Crescent St. on the city’s East Side in response to a complaint of an unconscious person.

When the police arrived at the Crescent Street residence, they saw a woman lying on the ground. The woman was bleeding in her driveway and they discovered her struggling on the ground with injuries on the head and face. Later, she died on the spot. She was identified as Veronica Goncalves.

Cruz stated that the Goncalves and her alleged killer “were not strangers” and that police believe the two had been dating for some time before the Goncalves’ death.

Cruz added, “This appears to have been a targeted attack and not a random act of violence. That’s pretty much where I’m at right now. This is a savage, brutal incident. This woman did not deserve this,”

Pedro Rosario’s statement:

An inquiry is still being conducted. The victim’s nephew, Pedro Rosario, told the media that the family is in shock.

“She was a very hard-working, independent, strong-minded woman, kind-hearted – always looking out for her kids. She was very loved and as you can see, there are people here, neighbors, not only family, but a lot of neighbors and friends are here as well, supporting us. So she was a very well-rounded woman. And of course, a lot of us, I am still so shocked to see exactly what happened.”

Goncalves, who’s been in this country not for so long, only been here for a couple of years, said Rosario. “We’re just trying to put the pieces together. We’re all in a state of disbelief that someone would do this to her.” “As you can see, we have no answer.”, he added.

In addition, Rosario told that Goncalves was killed in front of her two-year-old grandchild; however, authorities have not yet confirmed Rosario’s claims. Investigator confirmed that Correia was Goncalves’ ex-boyfriend. Goncalves was driving her 2-year-old grandchild back from picking up her daughter from work.

It appears that she was attacked when she was in her car, Rosario added. And in the backseat was her granddaughter. The granddaughter was not physically wounded, he continued, and she is with family, but she is really shaken.

“Preliminarily, this appears to have been a targeted attack and not a random act of violence,” Cruz said.

Condolences to the Brocton woman

Donna Adams commented,

In her own driveway…as this child sat there. Thoughts and Prayers 

Derek Jones tweeted,

This is so sad to think the baby had to witness it. So terrible and it will lead to problems for the rest of her life. I hope this family gets justice. Rip

Ryishisa Morris commented,

All in front of her grandbaby!!! This poor family. Prayers for all the loved ones.

Kurt Trimby commented,

The judgment in the afterlife will be far harsher and cheaper on the living taxpayer. Win-win all around. May she Rest in Peace and he suffers for all eternity.

Paula Dineen commented,

Heartbreaking may this woman now RIP. My condolences to her family n friends! May they all have the strength needed during this God Awful tragedy! Glad her killer was arrested. Be great bc he qualifies for the death penalty!


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