Who are Bernardo and Arthur Lima: How the twins got separated? Explained

who are Bernardo and Arthur Lima

Twins Bernardo and Arthur Lima, age 3, have merged brains due to birth complications. They were separated with the assistance of surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani. Let’s see who are Bernardo and Arthur Lima.

Babies picture

Before and after surgery photos show the brothers. They may be seen holding hands and being separated on a hospital bed in one picture.

who are Bernardo and Arthur Lima?

“Bernardo and Arthur’s successful separation is a wonderful achievement by the team in Rio and a fantastic example of why the work of Gemini Untwined is so valuable,” he said.

How many hours took for surgery?

The final two surgeries for the 3-year-old boys, requiring close to 100 medical personnel, took more than 33 hours.

They had a total of seven operations after doctors spent months testing out different methods virtually before the delicate procedure actually started.

Health professionals have praised the “life-changing” outcome, with Bernardo and Arthur now making a full recovery some two and a half years after their parents sought assistance from the hospital.

Who is the paediatric surgeron?

Under the guidance of paediatric surgeon Noor ul Owase Jeelani from Great Ormond Street Hospital, conjoined twins Bernardo and Arthur Lima persevered through numerous treatments that lasted for hours on end in Rio de Janeiro.

Dr. Gabriel Mufarrej, director of paediatric surgery at the Instituto Estadual do Cerebro Paulo Niemeyer, worked with Mr. Jeelani to oversee the care.

Mr. Jeelani called the procedure a “great feat” by the medical staff but stressed that the organisation depends on donations from the general public to continue its work.

What is the family situation?

Not only have we given the boys and their family a new future, but we have also given the local staff the skills and assurance they need to carry out such difficult task successfully in the future.

We can only expect to enhance outcomes for all children and families who find themselves in this challenging situation through this process of collaboration and knowledge sharing on a global scale.

“This is only possible because of the kind donations from the general population.”

Is the Surgery successfully completed?

The boys have been receiving care at the hospital where Dr. Mufarrej works for two and a half years, and their surgery will be “life-changing,” he continued.

“The parents of the boys have been a part of our family here in the hospital since they came from their home in the Roraima area to Rio to seek our assistance two and a half years ago,” he said.

We are thrilled that the procedure was successful and that the boys’ and their family’s outcome has had such a profound impact on their lives.

Gemini Untwined foundation

Gemini Untwined, a foundation Mr. Jaleeni formed to raise money for siblings born linked at the head (often referred to as craniopagus twins), supported their work.

According to the organisation, separating Bernardo and Arthur was one of the most difficult procedures ever finished; many surgeons didn’t even believe it was feasible.

What charity report said?

According to the charity, both twins are making good progress throughout their hospital stay and will get support for six months of rehabilitation.

Conjoined twins are born in per 60,000 births, and only 5% of these are craniopagus, according to Gemini statistics.


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