What is happening in Odessa now. The situation in the city on March 4: online

What is happening in Odessa now. The situation in the city on March 4: online

What is happening in Odessa now: Russia’s war against Ukraine has been going on for nine days now. Odessa heroically keeps the defense, like all our other cities. From time to time, the occupiers want to break into Odessa from the sea, but they do not succeed thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense.

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Opening hours of public transport – until 17:00

Odesgorelektrotrans reported that on March 4, 2022, 30 trams and 30 trolleybuses were brought to all routes.

15:35 Attention! Air Alert!

15:23 Today, trains to Lviv and Uzhgorod depart from the Odessa railway station. The electric train to Lviv will depart at 19:00. Train to Uzhgorod – at 22:32. Everyone can take advantage of the opportunity to get there for free.

Information by phone: 0487273182, 0487274242 (information service of the station).

13:50 The Red Cross in the Odessa region has created a special account to which funds can be transferred to help the townspeople.

11:30 The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, in an interview with the correspondent of the French edition of Le Monde, said that there are “no difficulties” with food in the city.

“A lot of help comes from fraternal European countries. Businessmen who worked here give away all long-term storage products. Now all this is taken into account, bases of food stocks are being created,” he said.

07:30, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the enemy continues to prepare for the landing of an amphibious assault in the areas of Zatoka, Chernomorsk.

04:15 UZ announced the directions of movement of suburban trains on the territory of the OZD on March 4. Suburban trains will run today in the following directions:

  • Khristinovka – Cherkasy – Khrystynivka
  • Khristinovka – Vapnyarka – Khristinovka
  • Hayvoron – Vinnytsia – Hayvoron
  • Shevchenko – Comb – Shevchenko
  • Shevchenko – Khristinovka – Shevchenko
  • Cherkasy – T. Shevchenko – Cherkasy
  • Mironovka – Znamenka – Mironovka
  • T. Shevchenko – High – T. Shevchenko
  • T. Shevchenko – Helper – T. Shevchenko
  • Odessa – Vapnyarka – Odessa
  • Odessa – Balta – Odessa
  • Odessa – Razdelnaya – Odessa
  • Odessa – Migaevo
  • Odessa – Kolosovka – Odessa
  • Znamenka – Alexandria – Znamenka
  • Shevchenko – Znamenka – Shevchenko
  • Znamenka – Tsvetkovo – Znamenka
  • Mironovka – Tsvetkovo – Mironovka
  • Pomoshnaya – Alexandria
  • Znamenka – Pyatikhatki – Znamenka
  • Pomoshnaya – Lyudmilovka – Pomoshnaya
  • Helper – Znamenka – Helper
  • Pomoshnaya – Dolinskaya – Pomoshnaya
  • Pomoshnaya – Voznesensk – Pomoshnaya

Check the train schedule at the link .

The situation in Odessa and the region on March 4

According to the mayor Gennady Trukhanov, the Odessa authorities “improve the city’s defense capabilities every minute.”

“Today, the task is to make sure that every meter of Odessa land is under the control of Odessa residents: the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the police, territorial defense, and the citizens themselves. As for the life of the city, all utilities are working. In addition, we are constantly strengthening the warning system,” the mayor said.

Today, the air raid signal in the city is transmitted: by loudspeakers, the official website, telegram channel, television and radio channels, church bells. Notifications are carried out by district administrations and educational institutions.


As of March 4, in Odessa and the Odessa region, a curfew is in effect from 19:00 to 06:00. At this time, it is forbidden for people to be on the streets and in other public places without specially issued passes and certificates.

How public transport works in Odessa

Given the curfew, passenger transportation in Odessa is carried out according to the following schedule:

  • from 6 to 7 o’clock in the morning – bringing drivers to workplaces and receiving rolling stock;
  • from 7 o’clock – access to the rolling stock line;
  • from 17:00 – the rolling stock enters the depot for maintenance and security;
  • from 17 to 18 hours – delivery of drivers to their homes.

Some routes have been changed:

  • trolleybus number 10 follows the street. Greek, further along, the route;
  • trolleybus No. 9 follows Italian Boulevard to Station Square, then along the route;
  • tram number 3 goes to Starosennaya Square.

List of addresses of community pharmacies

  • st. Myasoedovskaya, 32
  • st. Dvoryanskaya, 10
  • st. Zhukovsky, 30
  • Vul. Cosmonauts, 11/13
  • st. Dobrovolsky, 67
  • Vul. Paustovsky, 21A
  • st. Levitan, 62
  • Vul. Krasnoslobidskaya, 36
  • per. Observatory, 8
  • st. Bulgarian, 38
  • st. Academician Garkavy, 2
  • Fontanskaya road, 110
  • st. Academician Filatov, 7A
  • Vul. David Oistrakh 7.

Pharmacy hours are from 09:00 to 16:00.

Map of protective structures of civil protection of the city of Odessa and Odessa region

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