What happened to Walycris wanyengo? Everything we know about his bus accident

Walycris Wanyengo

Walycris Wanyengo popularly known by his stage name WalyCris (Wanyengo) passed away at the age of 25. Let’s see what happened to Walycris Wanyengo and his cause of death in detail.

What happened to Walycris Wanyengo?

Blantyre-based music artist Walycris Wanyengo passed away at the age of 25. He passed away in an bus accident.

Famous musicians like Phyzix, Biggie Lu, WalyCris Wanyengo have shared their tributes on social media following the demise of the budding artist Walycris Wanyengo.

The death news of a young and talented musician comes after the famous rapper, Big Scarr’s death. Walycris Wanyengo died suddenly in an bus accident. His fans and followers were in complete shock after hearing this sad news.

Walycris Wanyengo cause of death: Accident explained

Walycris Wanyengo, a star of Achalume, passed away in an accident. The musician, who traveled to South Africa to play, is said to have died in an accident in Zimbabwe while traveling back home.

According to subsequent reports, Walycris was killed instantly when a truck struck the MaTours bus he was riding in.

With his Yao-influenced music, Walycris dominated Malawi’s music industry. Music industry is mourning for the loss of a famous Rapper, Singer, Song Writer and a Performer. May he rest in peace.

Who was Walycris Wanyengo?

WalyCris aka Wyson Laifoh was the firstborn in a family of four. He was born on September 25, 1997, in Machinjiri, Blantyre. He became famous in music industry with his own signature and style.

WalyCris completed his school at St. Kizito Primary School in Limbe before being enrolled at Ngumbe Secondary School in Chileka, Blantyre, to begin his secondary studies. He next attended Soche Technical College to study motor vehicle engineering (SOTEC).

Music career:

WalyCris began his music career in 2015, but the public first became aware of him in 2017. The first song, “Main Chick,” was created by Mush @ MushBeats and published in 2015.

Then he made available the film’s Ronely Patricks of Onedot Filmworks-shot video. Following his career, he has recorded songs including “Ndine Watsopano,” “Tsonga,” “Wataya Mwayi,” “Flame,” “Ababa Sergeant,” and “Maliya,” which peaked at number one on FreshOnZodiak on Zodiak TV for four weeks in a row.

According to WalyCris, the desire to pursue a career in music was spurred on by his love of music. He was a fan of artists like David Kalilani, Lucius Banda, Dan Lu, Lulu, Dare Devils, and King Hyphen.

WalyCris stated he is anxious to become an international singer and inspire other up-and-coming musicians to pursue their aspirations and thrive in the music industry, just as everyone has goals in life.

WalyCris has collaborated with audio producers including Jay Emm, Sispence, Santos, Raj Records, MushBeats, and video producers like Ronely Patricks and Layonz Graphics. Apart from music, WalyCris is also a part-time Motor Vehicle engine.

Tributes to Walycris Wanyengo:

Aluna Phiri Yusuf posted,

Mumbele Mbumu pressure WalyCris Wanyengo. My blood pressure is gone high….. Ndalira eish I’m Speechless

Biggie Lu posted,

Zimangoona Kuchitika guys, As artists we need to be traveling by Air. It’s a very sad day, I heard the issue of the passing earlier today around 5 am and I posted about it but then I was in denial about WalyCris Wanyengo and deleted the post.

Young and talented men and women are going just like that in a blink of an eye. It was like he knew.


So sad and confusing news. My team and I have decided to postpone the release dates for our upcoming song

“FEELING NICE” #27/12/2022

Rest in peace WalyCris Wanyengo. We never had a connection but this bigger than life

Kelvin Sulugwe posted,

One of the most painful ones today. This young man had the right attitude for greatness and the talent to take him there. He came into the industry with his own signature and style, representing Yao’s lifestyle, and still made everyone happy even those of us who do not speak Yao.

I am gutted, disappointed, and broken. To my knowledge, this was our only conversation when he commented on my photo yesterday and I followed him immediately. Hearing he is gone today, I just wish, perhaps, we had talked a little longer to say goodbye. RIP WalyCris Wanyengo.

The New Malawi Music Shop tweeted,

Achalume Hit Maker Dies Death has been announced of fast-rising musician Walycris Wanyengo’s real name Wyson Laifon. The 25-year-old died in the wee hours of today in a road accident in Zimbabwe as he was coming from South Africa where he was performing.


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