What happened to Nathan Mbawa aka Wamuzegede? Dies in a Road traffic accident, cause of death and obituary

 What happened to Nathan Mbawa aka Wamuzegede? Dies in a Road traffic accident, cause of death and obituary
Nathan Mbawa, also known as Wamuzegede, was a prominent media figure in Zambia who passed away unexpectedly. This sad news has devastated his fans. Look at what exactly happened to him and Nathan Mbawa cause of death in this article.

What happened to Nathan Mbawa?

Nathan Mbao aka “Wamuzegede” was involved in a road traffic accident and unfortunately, he has passed on. His body is lying in state at the university teaching hospital mogul.

Nathan Mbawa: who was he?

He is not only a TV Personality, but Nathan Mbawa who is Signed Under NOMESTA has also proved to be one great musician, collaborating with P jay one of the Best Vocalists in Zambia.

Media personality Nathan presented several game shows for Muvi, TV, and most recently Power TV. He was also a musician who was credited with writing songs like Bana Chimbusa and Koswe.

Also, he performed the role of Kutani in some local sitcoms such as Muvi TV’s Flat Six. Nathan was a very adaptable person who also enjoyed spending his weekends making special occasions for newlyweds and their guests as they celebrated their union.

Nathan Mbawa cause of death

11 days ago, Nathan very recently celebrated his birthday! When Nathan Mbawa, a dynamic and engaging television presenter, became one year older eleven days ago, loved ones, friends, and admirers flooded social media with congratulations.

Yet when Zambians awoke this morning, they learned with shock and sadness that Nathan had passed away.

Colonel Jeremiah Mbawa, Nathan’s uncle, told Kalemba that although the family has not yet received all the information concerning the accident, Nathan passed away on the scene at around 2:00 a.m. following a collision on the Great North Road near Kabangwe as he was leaving Lusaka.

We haven’t received all of the police’s information regarding Nathan’s death, but what we do know is that he passed away suddenly last night when he was leaving town in the Kabangwe area at 2 a.m., according to Colonel Mbawa. The funeral gathering, he continued, will take place at PHI in Lusaka.

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