Why exactly Lil Tjay was shot? Reason behind the Shooting Revealed

What happened to Lil Tjay? Reason behind the Shooting Revealed

According to a TMZ story, the New York rapper Lil Tjay was shot in Edgewater shortly after midnight on Wednesday. Let’s see What happened to Lil Tjay, why was he shot, and his condition now.


What happened to Lil Tjay?

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said that two 22-year-olds were shot at The Promenade retail complex at roughly 12:05 a.m. Officials have not confirmed the story. At the location, which was in front of a Chipotle, one person was discovered with several gunshot wounds. Another person with a single gunshot wound was discovered at a nearby Exxon station on River Road. According to the prosecutors, one victim was hospitalized with serious injuries but is now stable, and the other was treated for non-life-threatening wounds and is now in “good” health.


Reasom behind the Tjay shooting?

The prosecutor’s office stated in a tweet on Wednesday that the shooting “did not appear to be a random act.” The real motive behind the shooting is yet to be confirmed.

Lil Tjay, whose actual name is Tione Merritt, underwent emergency surgery, according to a story published by TMZ on Wednesday morning.

After 7 a.m. on Wednesday, Edgewater police and the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office were at the mall checking over a red Dodge Durango with a gunshot hole in the driver’s window. Police were also spotted looking at a towel that had blood on it.

The incident occurred near the western end of City Place, a mixed-use building on a former Hudson River industrial site that has five levels of luxury residences above and shops and restaurants on the ground floor. The complex is typically busy in the evening, but once the shops and restaurants shut, it becomes much quieter. Security personnel monitors the building in cars around the clock.

If any suspects were arrested or prosecuted in relation to the incident, prosecutors did not disclose this information.


Lil Tjay’s condition now

His injuries’ severity and current state are yet unknown.

According to TMZ, there were two shooting locations: one was inside a Chipotle restaurant, while the other was at an Exxon gas station nearby.

According to the publication, the Exxon victim was shot once, while the Chiptole victim allegedly took “many shots.”

The second victim’s identity is still unknown.


French Montana calls out prayers for Lil Tjay recovery

When TMZ caught up with French in New York City, Tjay was still on his mind. After all, the duo received a gold medal in 2019 for French’s song “Slide” jointly with Blueface.

While wishing Tjay a quick recovery, French also reaffirmed the idea that rappers have the most “dangerous” jobs and that much of the seeming love is sometimes just covert hatred.

Tjay is reportedly out of surgery and on his journey to recovery, which will make it easier for French to sleep.

He’s about to release his new album, “Montega,” with Harry Fraud, part of a new wave of alternative music that has the endorsement of NYC Mayor Adams, who just started a crackdown on illegal dirt biking in the city.

French has no issues with the mayor’s dirt bike methods, but from a political standpoint, he opposes prosecutors utilising rap lyrics in court proceedings.


Lil Tjay Music Career

Tjay released two studio albums under Columbia Records, both of which peaked in the top five on the Billboard 200, and has 7 million Instagram followers. “Calling My Name,” a song he co-wrote with singer 6lack, premiered on the Billboard Hot 100 at number three.

Tuesday evening, Tjay shared a tale on Instagram that read: “You are not automatically entitled to the rewards of someone else’s effort just because you have met them. Be careful, Otchea. Envy is at an all-time high.”



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