Luxury diving trip accident: What happened to Amor Armitage? Brit Yoga teacher near death experience Explained

Amor Armitage ,a British yoga instructor who was on a lavish vacation in Mexico miraculously recovered from terrible injuries brought on by a boat propeller. Let’s see What happened to Amor Armitage in detail.

What happened to Amor Armitage?

Amor Armitage, 37, and her husband Chase were on a diving expedition when they were involved in a near-fatal tragedy, leaving Amor fighting for her life.

She stated last night that doctors had informed her a “miracle” two-inch blood clot in her artery had stopped her from bleeding to death.

As Chase, 37, desperately tries to earn more than £60,000 to pay for medical expenses and transport Amor back to the UK, the patient is currently recovering in a hospital on the Caribbean island of Cozumel.

Two weeks prior to the tragedy, Amor had travelled to Cozumel by plane to meet up with her stuntman husband of five years who had been away shooting on a US movie set.

After their vacation in Cozumel, the pair intended to travel for another two weeks in Florida before returning to Basingstoke to ring in the new year.

Luxury diving trip accident

Amor wrote a fascinating narrative of the occurrence that she posted on her yoga website, calling the dive and snorkel trip on December 17—where she saw stingrays, reef sharks, and a huge sea turtle—“truly magical”. But the trip swiftly went from a dream to a horror.

She is in hospital after suffering serious injuries.

She wrote,

“I was a bit cold and decided to head to the boat to warm up. I swam to the boat ladder, there was music in the boat and the captain wasn’t looking my way.

When I hold on to the ladder I pull out a fin, the captain doesn’t see me, I suddenly realize the boat has started to move and I’m unable to say anything, words just aren’t not come out.

Everything seems to be slowing down as I feel the boat’s propeller hitting my abdomen, my genitals and my legs, my body is heavy and I see the boat moving away from me.

From my gut comes a visceral scream, asking for help, the captain sees me but I know I have to swim to the boat, so with cuts all over my body, I managed to swim again until the scale.

He tells me I have to climb the ladder, I looked down and saw my insides, I feel there is no way I can get up on my own.”

Amor claimed she thought she was going to pass away at that point, but her husband’s encouraging comments kept her going.

“He did his best to keep me with him and I really feel that without my angel Chase I wouldn’t be here today.”

Chase’s statement

Speaking from the hospital last night, Chase stated that while he had been eight meters below while scuba diving, he had come to the surface to hear his wife’s horrifying screams.

He said,

“She was lying on the deck with her stomach open. They were incredible injuries and I didn’t know how she could survive them.

I just ditched the heavy dive kit and squeezed it in as best I could. You hear people talk about soul mates, and Amor and I are those soul mates. We are quite spiritual people, we feel closely connected.

I told her that I wouldn’t let her go, that we were so strong together, that the world needed her and that it was not time for her to leave. And that she had shown herself to be a miracle by staying alive.

But it wasn’t even a matter of words. The love we have is powerful enough. She also has a positive mindset and despite the situation she faced, it helped her a lot.”


Amor was transported to the intensive care unit at Cozumel International Hospital after being brought ashore in an ambulance.

Amor’s bones and tendons were then rebuilt and attached during a four-hour surgery. Additionally, she had surgery on her “totally messed up” inner thigh. When it seemed that the propeller had not gone into an organ, many were relieved.

Amor has admitted that it is a “miracle” that she survived the accident.

Amor said:

“It seems that during the accident I had a blood clot in my femoral artery which prevented me from losing too much blood both during transport to the hospital and during surgery. 

Without it, I would have lost a lot of blood.”

She went through a second operation to remove the blood clot and use a vein from her other leg to bypass the severed artery.

In order to speed up the healing process, Amor also had daily treatment in a hyperbaric chamber that increases the oxygen levels in his blood.

Amor’s toes have some feeling again, and although she still takes painkillers and is unable to fully use her left leg, it is anticipated that she will heal completely.

An official will look into the incident internally, according to a source with the Cozumel Harbor Master.

Chase is currently attempting to gather additional money through online donations while also putting its treasured Porsche Spyder 981 sports car up for sale. Over £60,000 in hospital fees, according to the couple.

About Amor Armitage and Chase

Amor’s bones and tendons were rebuilt and attached throughout a four-hour surgery. Additionally, she had surgery on her “completely messed up” inner thigh.

The 2017 newlyweds are well-known on social media, where they update their thousands of fans on their lavish lifestyle and wellness advice.

Amor Armitage was on a dream holiday with her husband Chase.

Chase has 75,000 Instagram followers and gained notoriety as a parkour runner.

Amor, who is originally from Chile, has 16,000 followers and owns a yoga studio in Hampshire.

She expressed gratitude for

“posts, comments and audios of support from people who love me” 

in her blog.

“I can now clearly see the angels on Earth and I am extremely grateful.”

The amount of online support they have received in recent days, according to Chase, has been incredible.

“To be honest, our message to people is not, ‘How can you help pay for everything? that? We would like to thank them for their prayers and support.

If Amor has a message, it’s for all of us to cherish each day and enjoy the present. Because that’s all we have.

And, of course, watch out for big boats.”


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