Watch Video: Who is the DC woman Karen made racist remarks on uber driver?


Watch Video: Who is the DC woman Karen made racist remarks on uber driver?

After a video of a woman in Washington, DC, cursing racially at her black Uber driver surfaced on Wednesday morning, the woman has been branded “Karen.” Let’s see Who is the DC woman Karen who made racist remarks about the uber driver.


Who is the DC woman Karen?

The Internet is on fire after a video of a US woman cursing racially at her Uber driver went viral on social media. Before using the racial epithet, the woman is seen in the video shouting abuse at a Black man who is ostensibly her Uber driver on a sidewalk in Cathedral Heights, Washington, DC.

The two are seen fighting in the video, which was captured by a woman from the building adjacent to the sidewalk, while the automobile is parked on the side of the road with its door ajar.

Police investigation

Both the driver and the passenger have remained anonymous. Meanwhile, DC police are investigating the incident, in which the passenger repeatedly called the driver a “slave” and a “n****r.”

In a statement released on Wednesday, Uber claimed to already be “in touch with the driver” and to have “blocked the rider’s account from the app.”

When the bystander’s video was reposted on Twitter on Wednesday by a D.C.-area community news account, it quickly attracted national notice and had more than two million views.

At one point in the video, when she is seen pushing the driver, the woman is heard shouting, “I’m your f*****g boss.” “N****r, you’re a little piece of s**t.”

Banned from ride-share app 

The woman was later banned from the ride-share app after the expletive-filled interaction was captured on camera by a bystander and went viral.

The tape starts with an SUV parked on the street below with its back passenger door open. It was captured from inside a building that overlooked the interaction.

A couple of bickering on the sidewalk can be seen right outside the car. The woman’s tone throughout the argument comes off as distinctly combative and condescending.

Reason for the altercation

The confrontation seems to have just started when the video begins. The woman can be heard telling the man to “take his medication” and referring to him as “crazy.”

“Your employer is me. I’m your boss. Your boss is me, “She shouts repeatedly before yelling the racial epithet at him and attempting to flee.

She then calls the driver a “slave” after several more repetitions of the slur while the man reacts. The woman who was filming the incident can be heard questioning the racial outburst and gasping.

More than 2.8 million people have seen the video on Twitter, with the majority calling for the woman to be arrested and others attempting to identify her.

Although the cause of the argument is not immediately evident, the exchange of insults between the two would indicate that the blowup was sparked by a request to use the driver’s phone charger. The white woman in the clip starts off moaning after it appears she didn’t get her way.

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Disclaimer: The video contains offensive/racist language.

Uber posted a response Statement:

Uber has responded to the clip saying that it is looking for more information on the driver to investigate the incident. “Behavior like this is never okay. We have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination. If you have more information about the Uber rider or driver please DM us so we can investigate this,” it said in a tweet.

According to WTOP-FM/AM reporter Megan Cloherty, DC Police are checking to see if the man she identifies as an Uber driver has filed a report because they are aware of the incident but cannot launch an investigation until the driver does. It cannot look into a complaint without a complaint.

Neither the driver’s nor the passenger’s identities have been made public. Once the investigation is over and got enough information regarding this case, we will update this page. Check back for further details.



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