Watch Video: Comedian Mark Curry claims Racially Profiled In Colorado Hotel Explained

Mark Curry

Colorado Springs Veteran comic Mark Curry was racially profiled last night while staying in a hotel. Let’s see what happened in detail.


Why did Mark Curry claim Racially Profiled?

Curry would confront the man who questioned him for being in the hotel lobby and demanded he show proof that he was a guest.

Last night Mark Curry, who would be in Colorado Springs would, unfortunately, face a different type of Welcome as he would hang out in his hotel’s Lobby.

According to Curry while staying at the Mining Exchange a Wyndham Grand Hotel and Spa in Colorado Springs. He’d be confronted by a white man who claimed to work at the hotel requesting Curry to show proof that he was a guest.


What happened in the Colorado hotel?

Curry clearly would show offense since he was the only black person in the hotel’s Lobby. He would record the entire confrontation and in the video, he speaks that, “so the problem is I’m in a hotel lobby and this man wants to see I don’t know I don’t know huh I’m just asking if you’re a guest and I’m asking are you a guest well let me let me see some ID”

You cannot be in this hotel lobby if you’re black and you’re a Colorado friend. He asked, “so if you’re black and you’re Colorado Springs you can’t be in the lobby wow this is crazy isn’t it so check it out”

The video also added all the incidents that happened at the hotel and he explained how he was treated only because he is black.


Curry’s Instagram video:

Curry records two men who he claims approached him while he was seated in a hotel lobby at The Mining Exchange A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa in Colorado Springs in the video, which was posted on Friday.

He was repeatedly asked if he was a guest at the hotel by one of the men, a white man who was not wearing any identification but claimed to work there.

Mark Curry referred to the other man, who was of color, as an”Uncle Tom” after he made the remark that he was trying to play “the race card.”

Curry chose not to respond to the question that was being asked of him repeatedly, probably in an effort to set a bad example of what he called racism.


Colorado Springs Worker Harassed Mark Curry- Explained:

Curry published a video that shows how he was treated at the Colorado hotel. The duration of the video is 26 minutes. The video was recorded all because of a “Black man and a Hotel Lobby,” Curry wrote in his Instagram post, suggesting the purported hotel employees thought “it’s impossible that he has a room here.”

In the video, he addressed his huge following and said something along these lines: “If you’re Black and you’re in Colorado Springs, you can’t be in the lobby. Wow! Isn’t this crazy, though?

Curry attempted to use the restroom in the lobby, but was forcibly stopped. Curry claimed he felt “threatened” when other employees joined the two guys.

Later, the hotel management gave a semblance of an apology. The management felt sorry for how staff members had treated a customer. Also insisted that staff members would undergo retraining, most likely in the area of implicit bias.


Mark Curry’s Instagram post:

A Black man and a Hotel Lobby, it’s impossible that he has a room here. No, I have a suite! He walks up to me with no badge on. I don’t know who this man is. And asked to see my hotel key Wyndham racism.719-323-2000 call them please Jhon Crab head of security and head of maintenance at the same time

“We are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space for all guests and employees. We deeply regret this incident and have reached out to Mr. Curry to offer not only our sincere apologies, but a full refund of his stay and an invitation to return, at no cost, anytime in the future,” Neil Cramm said in a statement to the Colorado Springs Indy.

“As a respected community partner, we are also using this opportunity to revisit training with our staff, helping to ensure all interactions are reflective of our company values. The Mining Exchange plays a special role in the Colorado Springs community and we will continue working each and every day to ensure that our hotel remains a space that is open and welcoming to all.”, he added.

Actress Holly Robinson Peete, who acted with Curry on “Hanging With Mr. Cooper,” tweeted that she was “sending love” to Curry for being subjected to “awful profiling harassment.”

Curry urged his supporters to get in touch with the hotel and ask for Jhon Crab, the manager of security and maintenance who approached the comic, to be held accountable.

The Mining Exchange A Wyndham Grand Hotel & Spa may be reached at 719-323-2000. Sadly, racial profiling is nothing new, especially in hotels.



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