Watch video: Korean steamer dies suddenly on live stream, what happened? Explained

Korean Streamer cause of death

A young Korean streamer suddenly died on the live stream. The video goes viral and the netizens are curious to know the cause of death. Let’s see what happened to the Korean man and Korean streamer cause of death in detail.

How did the Korean streamer die?

A Korean man died suddenly on the live stream and his death was recorded in the video. He died while speaking with his mates on the live show. Everyone was shocked about his demise.

Is the death related to Covid vaccine?

Some claims that it was due to the side effect of the covid vaccine. After covid, sudden deaths became common as the effect of the covid vaccine.

Many of the social media users claims that it is the genocide stating the side effects of covid vaccine. It is stated that many similar people dies suddenly and these people are moreover vaccinated ones. 

However, it is not confirmed whether the death is because of the side effect of Covid vaccine. His death resembles the film ‘Died Suddenly’.

Korean Streamer cause of death

A Korean man died suddenly on a live broadcast while talking to his colleagues. He turned his head and fell to die while turning his head and spinning back. He fell off and later died in a live stream which was caught on the camera. However, the strange death of the Korean man questions everyone about what leads to his death.

Although, Korean streamer cause of death was not known. 

Similar deaths from the past:

Many other similar sudden death incidents happened in the past which were recorded. Asian boy fell and died while on the internet station.

A broadcaster on Qatar’s state television went into cardiac arrest and collapsed to death during coverage of the World Cup.

The sudden deaths were so real and terrifying and the reason for these deaths were unknown.

What was people’s reaction?

String Of Pearls tweeted,

@stringofpearls @BeachMilk And once again, he turns as if he’s seeing something coming his way…the Angel of Death is real.

Dr. Eugene Hermann Porter tweeted,

He was looking up and around and then falling dead. Becoming quite common #covid #vaccine

The Old Laughing Man@fuckbideninhisass commented,

@BeachMilk He to saw death coming. This is becoming real.

Spartan47 commented,

@BeachMilk Notice how he turns and sees something and is terrified before he dies. As if they are seeing demons before their death. This is not the first time either.

DazetheGreat@DazEtheGreat tweeted,

Another one looked over his shoulder before dying. Almost like the movie birdbox. They see some weird shit before killing themselves. I’m sure they’re unrelated.


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