Watch Mingla teacher killed in an accident: What happened? Explained

Watch Mingla teacher killed in a accident: What happened? Explained

Mingla teacher accident: On October 4, 2022, in the late afternoon, a Minglanilla Central School teacher was killed in a vehicle crash in Barangay Tunghaan, Minglanilla town, Cebu, Philippines. The accident took place the day before the nation observes National Teachers’ Day. Let’s see what happened and how did the teacher die in detail.


Mingla teacher accident: What happened? 

The vehicle crash took place near Barangay Tunghaan at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4. Charisma Servedo, a teacher at Minglanilla Central School is a victim of this accident. Shortly, after the accident, Charisma Servedo was taken to the hospital where she later passed away. She passed away as a result of severe injuries from the accident.

On the eve of World Teachers Day, a tragedy in the southern Cebu town of Minglanilla took the life of a teacher. Charisma Servedo was a teacher at Minglanilla Central School, the largest public elementary school in Cebu.

Servedo and her husband, Sherwin, were being hit by another motorcycle while Servedo was riding motorcycle. The husband of Charisma also suffered from injuries and was hospitalized, said police master sergeant Joel Lacson of the Minglanilla Police Station.


How did the accident happen?

Charisma and her husband were traveling on a motorcycle on the highway on Tuesday evening. They were struck by the motorcycle that was following them when her husband made a U-turn. The teacher was thrown off the vehicle and badly hit on the pavement.

The motorcycle driver allegedly hit the couple’s motorcycle and fled away. The unknown motorbike driver, who escaped following the incident, is now being searched by police. Police in Minglanilla town is still searching for the motorcyclist that hit them.


Charisma Servedo’s Cause of Death

The accident was Charisma Servedo’s cause of death. Charisma passed away subsequently, while her husband is still being treated in a hospital, reported Police Master Sergeant Joel Lacson of the Minglanilla Police Station.

The Honda Click the Servedo couple was driving was going to take a U-turn on the highway late on Tuesday afternoon, based on police reports. They were hit by Rusi 125 motorbike. The Servedos flew, and Charisma suffered serious injuries that resulted in death. Police are making an investigation to find the motorcyclist who hit the couple.


Condolences to Charisma Servedo

Tulay National High School on their Facebook page posted,
Tulay National High School extends our deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved family of our colleague from another school Mam Charisma Gocotano-Servado. Teacher of Minglanilla Central Elementary School. Her untimely demise has left everyone, students, co-teachers, family, and friends in grief as we are also celebrating World Teachers’ Day.
God has earned another Angel in the face of Mam Charisma. Thank you for your undying service to our dearly beloved students. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Eternal Peace mam. Continue to guide your students and family up above.

Cebu chill riders posted,

Police in Minglanilla town continues to look for a motorcycle rider who allegedly hit the motorcycle that was boarded by a teacher and her husband at around 5 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 4.
The incident which resulted in the death of teacher Charisma Servedo of the Minglanilla Central School happened in the vicinity of Barangay Tunghaan.

Servedo died shortly after she was brought to the hospital for the treatment of her injuries. Her husband Sherwin, 45, also sustained injuries, according to Police Master Sergeant Joel Lacson of the Minglanilla Police Station.
Lacosn said the motorcycle driver, who hit the couple’s motorcycle allegedly fled.

Irene Repaso Bacalso posted,

KaLooy baya ni Maam uy .. Teacher’s Day karon .. unya happy2 cya ganeha unya karon mao ni iya nadangatan. Condolence sa pamilya ug Rest In Peace nmo Maam. Grade 5 Teacher ni cya sa Minglanilla Central School.

Ronmar Segismar posted,

Rest in peace ma’am Charisma Servado luoya



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