Visa Outage in across the country – When will the problem be sorted out?

According to reports from across the country, frustrated customers are having problems with their Visa cards. Let’s see why Visa Outage in across the country and when will the problem be sorted out.


Downdetector got numerous reports from Mastercard consumers experiencing problems using their cards. Mastercard later stated that their network was operating normally.

Outage continues for the second day

For the second day in a row, VISA and Mastercard are facing massive disruptions.

Hundreds of consumers are having trouble making purchases, according to reports.

According to Downdetector, there was a massive spike of outages around 11 a.m. ET yesterday.

As of about 8 a.m. ET, the number appears to be increasing.

There were 190 complaints of outages for Mastercard users and 240 incidents for Visa users lately.

According to reports, the vast majority of consumers are experiencing difficulties making purchases.

More to come…

Visa Outage in across the country

Downdetector has documented the reported problems, which show cardholders from coast to coast having difficulty making payments.

According to the website, people across the country began experiencing Visa card issues around 1 pm on Saturday.

At 3 p.m., thousands more customers were affected by additional outages. Another 4% of users reported having trouble accessing Visa’s website. The issues appear to be more concentrated in New York and New Jersey.

Customers in Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Houston, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, and Atlanta have reported problems. According to the website, nearly 80% of the issues involved making purchases.

When will the problem be sorted out

“Visa transactions cannot be processed at our two retail locations. None. The user went on: “Not through an internet connection or a landline.

Some debit transactions appear to be successful.” I work for Pep Boys in Daytona, and we had a temporary problem. But it was quickly resolved. “Our card machines are back in service.”

Downdetector also saw an increase in reports from Mastercard users reporting problems with their cards, but the company later confirmed their network was operational normally.

People’s Reactions to Visa Outage

  • Visa and MasterCard appear to be experiencing nationwide outages, preventing people from making payments without cash.
  • There is a global Visa outage today, so good luck buying anything.
  • There appears to be a widespread outage with @visa.
    I had three cards declined at two different gas stations in Lafayette, Louisiana.
  • There are reports of a nationwide credit card processing problem. Many stores and restaurants are unable to accept credit cards because a major credit card processor is down. “Not everywhere.” Did Visa revoke? Current issues and outages
  • A cashless society is a war on the homeless, street entertainers, charities, hospitality, the elderly, and privacy. A cashless society is a grave error for the elderly and low-income families.
  • Although not completely recovered, Visa and Mastercard appear to be on the mend following an unnamed disruption.
  • I’ve heard there’s a nationwide credit card processing problem. Many retailers and restaurants are unable to accept credit cards because a major credit card processor is down. Not anywhere. “Visa denied? Outages and current issues | Downdetector”
  • I agree… It was only because of the Shipt shopper subreddit that I learned about it. I was planning on going to work later, but nope. It appears to be a Visa and Mastercard issue as a whole, as both are listed as major outages on the DownDetector website, and several retailers are reporting problems.


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