Victoria crash: Joshua Elmes, Lucas Garzoli, Alicia Montebello & Megahn Fox died tragically in car crash near Bochara

Victoria crash: Megahn Fox(Left), Lucas Garzoli, Joshua Elmes (Top) & Alicia Montebello (Down) died tragically.


A car accident in Victoria that was “really traumatic and destructive” claimed the lives of three teenagers and a woman in her 30s. Police are trying to figure out what happened between when the automobile was last spotted on a CCTV and when it was found after the collision. Keep reading to know more about the Victoria car crash in detail.


Victoria crash:

Three teens and a lady in her 30s were killed in a “really traumatic and destructive” automobile crash in Victoria during eight hours. Police are attempting to determine what happened during that time.

The automobile was “obviously travelling at extremely high speed” down a very small lane, according to Assistant Commissioner for Lane Policing Glenn Weir, when the driver lost control and crashed into a tree.

Four people were killed in the crash on Saturday morning near Bochara, 300 kilometers west of Melbourne, and the only survivor was a 17-year-old girl who is currently fighting for her life in the hospital.

Due to the gruesome crash scene, authorities stated that it was still too early to determine who was driving the automobile and whether or not anyone had been using seat belts.

The four victims were initially thought to be four local young females, according to the police. Two teenage guys and two teenage girls were added to the details this morning, and a final modification was made this afternoon.

A bystander saw the wrecked red station waggon shortly after 9 a.m., eight hours after it was last seen on surveillance film leaving a nearby waterfall park at around 1 a.m.

Weir said,

“It could be the vehicle had been there for a long time,”

“We’re just hoping that the 17-year-old passenger who’s currently in hospital in a life-threatening condition can pull through so we can get some more detail of what actually occurred.”

The Wannon-Nigretta Falls Road, according to Weir, is “an English lane-type road where you sort of pull to the side to let other traffic come,” making it an unsuitable route for fast vehicles.

Around 12 p.m. on Sunday, investigators took the car’s wreckage out of the way. (Source :


About Victims:

Army cadets Lucus Garzoli, Joshua Elmes, Alicia Montebello, and 14-year-old Meghan Fox died in the terrible accident on Saturday. Lucus Garzoli’s Facebook introduction urged users to “enjoy life to the fullest.”

Kayla Dean, her sister, paid tribute to her on social media.

She wrote on Instagram,

“Rest in peace my precious angel forever in my heart. Life isn’t gunna be the same without your goofy personality or that sweet heart.

You were the best little sister I could ask for. I love you so much Meghan. My heart aches so much knowing your not right behind me.

To all the families who were affected by this terrible situation my heart goes out to you, it’s definitely not easy I know Josh, Lucas and Meghan touched so many lives and they were loved by all.

I want to thank everyone for the supportive messages towards myself and our family. This is no goodbye Meegs, it’s just see you later. Your always gunna be my little sister.”

Kayla also made contact with the relatives of those who perished on Saturday along with her sister.

It is believed that Megahn had a relationship with one of the lads who died. Lucus posted the phrase “You only live once, so make it a good f**king life” as his Facebook introduction philosophy.

Lucus and his friend Joshua Elmes, who unfortunately perished in the collision, were both members of the 314 Army Cadet Unit out of Warrnambool. The boy had been a car aficionado, posting pictures of hot cars to his social media accounts. Just a month prior, he had proudly marched in Warrnambool with the cadets on Anzac Day.

Just two weeks before Joshua Elmes departure, Matthew Elmes shared a memorial his son had created for his father’s birthday. Mr. Elmes said that despite his best efforts to be a good father, he felt like he had ‘failed’.

Jonathon Rowe, the principal of Monivae College, stated on Sunday that Joshua’s parents had requested that the campus community be informed of his passing. By publishing a tribute that the teenager had published for his father’s birthday on May 15, Matthew Elmes acknowledged the passing of his son.

The principal informed the parents in a letter that a support assembly would be held on Monday morning.

The principal said,

‘I have spoken to the Elmes family who have asked that this be communicated with the school community,’

‘Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Josh’s family, including Josh’s brother, year 7 student Aaron.’

Crash victim A Hamilton mother in her 30s, Alicia Montebello.

Jaryd, her devastated brother, paid his “beautiful sister” a touching tribute on Sunday.

“Rest in peace, my beautiful sister taken way to soon you were loved very much. Forever with us love you sis.”

The driver of the Toyota Corolla at the time of the collision is still unknown. Three teenagers and Alicia Montebello, a mother in her 30s, all came from Hamilton, Victoria, which is 11 kilometers away from the disaster location.

The only survivor of the collision, a 17-year-old girl, was brought to the hospital with serious upper body injuries. It is hoped that the adolescent who is still alive and recovering in the hospital will be able to provide information to the authorities about what took place.

‘Parent’s worst nightmare’

The numerous deaths, according to Victoria Police Sergeant Ryan Nelson, would wreak havoc on the neighbourhood.

He said,

“Hamilton is a very close-knit community, and there’s five people involved in this and all their families and all their friends,

It’s going to hit the town really hard.”

Hamilton and Bochara each have 10,346 residents, according to the census taken in 2021.

David Robertson, the mayor of Southern Grampians Shire, said that the accident was every parent’s worst nightmare.

He said,

“This is horrific right across the community,

The whole community will feel the impact of this for a long time to come.”

According to the mayor, the collision occurred “somewhere between 4 am and 9.30 am on a lonely bit of road on Saturday morning.”

Due to the state of the roads and the local fauna, he claimed that safety is a major concern in the area. Children and family gathered for a confirmation service at Saint Mary’s Catholic Church on Sunday morning.

During the service, there was a moment of silence observed for the victims. At Hamilton’s Baimbridge College, where some of the victims studied, students could also be seen leaving floral arrangements and other memorials.

Tributes from heartbroken community

Flowers are being left as remembrances at the gate to Hamilton’s Baimbridge College, where it’s thought the adolescent victims were students.

At Baimbridge College in Hamilton, students could also be seen leaving bouquets and other mementos.

(Source :

A friend of one of the boys said ,“He would always just do silly things and joke around, I just miss him and love him so much.”

The sad phrases “drive safe” and “love people, help people” were scribbled on the seats of the red Toyota Corolla. (Source :

Heartbreaking comments are scrawled on the seats of the wreckage at the disaster site, one of which reads, “Love people, help people.”

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews expressed his sympathy to the victim’s relatives and friends.

He said,

“This will be an incredibly difficult time for those families and friends, and people who love those who have been caught up in this, and we send our best wishes in what will be an incredibly challenging time,

‘People should be assured there will be a full investigation … so we can try and understand what’s happened here.”

128 individuals have perished on Victoria’s roads so far this year, as opposed to 96 during the same period last year.



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