Singer Mike Tomlin shot to death in Wilkinsburg shooting, Know more about producer Tomlinese death

Mike Tomlin
Mike Tomlin died in the shooting


Mike Tomlin, better known by his stage name Tomlinese, a well-known musician and record producer passed away. Let’s see how did Mike Tomin die and his cause of death in detail.

How did Mike Tomlin die?

Allegheny County police reported a man was killed in a shooting in Wilkinsburg on Franklin Avenue near Midland late Saturday night. It happened just after Pittsburgh police discovered the body of one of his close friends. 

Mike Tomlin, who was not the coach of the Steelers, was a successful musician in Pittsburgh who dabbled in other countries. Tomlin’s life was cut short, according to Jamal Campbell, following the shooting. 

Portia Fox, a former WAMO 107.3 radio host, who worked with Tomlin there stated that,

“The city won’t sound the same. And that’s what’s kinda breaking my heart.”

Tomlin had the “it” factor., she added. “He was really like the triple threat. He could sing, he could rap, he could produce. He was all in when it came to his craft.”

Foxx also said that Tomlin was also a talented engineer at the radio station, where he exuded energy. He made every day coming in there fun. He was just a free spirit. He did what he wanted to do.”, she said.

Who was Mike Tomlin?

Mike was a talented singer and influencer. He was also a rapper and producer thriving in Pittsburgh music scene.

Campbell met Tomlin when he was about 19 years old and just starting, and Campbell gave him opportunities to perform at parties and gatherings through his entertainment firm and music label. Tomlin eventually hired Jerry Gardner.

Mike was a close friend of Jerry and they were like brothers. Mike’s death took place shortly after Mike’s close buddy Jerry Gardner’s body was discovered by the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police’s Pittsburgh Public Safety Department.

Both had a significant influence on the local music scene. Jerry’s case hasn’t resulted in any arrests either. There is no information on a connection between the two instances.

What happened to Mike Tomlin?

Mike “Tomlinese” Tomlin was killed in the shooting that happened in Wilkinsburg on Saturday, May 27, 2023. 

According to the Allegheny County police department, emergency services were called to the 1300 block of Franklin Avenue at 11:53 p.m. The victim’s death was verified on the spot by medical personnel. No one has been arrested yet. The investigation is still ongoing.

“It’s a big loss for the city, for the city in general, like for both of them to be gone within a short period of time,” Campbell stated.

“They didn’t live their lives for very long, but they made the most of the time they had.” Campbell wants justice for both of them and is heartbroken, angry, and perplexed.

Campbell stated, “I just really can’t imagine like, why would anyone want to do this to either one of them,” Campbell said. However, he knows their legacies will live on.

Anyone who may have information on this event is urged to call the County Police Tip Line at the following number: 1-833-ALL-TIPS. Callers have the option of remaining anonymous.


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