Utah student arrested for making nuclear bomb threats: What happened? Explained

Female Utah student arrested after threatening to detonate nuclear reactor  if Utes lost - al.com

A University of Utah student is accused of threatening to explode a nuclear reactor on campus, and she was detained on Wednesday. Let’s see why utah student arrested.

Utah student arrested

A student at the University of Utah is in custody after allegedly threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor if her team lost to San Diego State in football.

In a match at Rice-Eccles Stadium on Saturday, Utah welcomed San Diego State. On the social media platform Yik Yak, the student is said to have “posted threats of violence” before the game started. According to KSL.com, she allegedly threatened to blow up the nuclear reactor at the University of Utah if the football team lost, according to police reports. This would result in widespread catastrophe.


Why did 21 year old woman arrested?

For allegedly threatening terrorism, the 21-year-old woman was arrested on Wednesday and lodged in the Salt Lake County Jail.

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What did the police said?

The woman does know how the reactor operates, the police said in the report, and she “knows where the reactor is located and attends class in the same building where the reactor is housed.”

After posting a bomb threat on the Yik Yak app in August, a 19-year-old University of Utah student was detained for committing a related offence. The Spencer Fox Eccles Business Building on campus was the target of the specific threat made by the student. When the student was taken into custody, he insisted that the threat was a joke and that he had no intention of carrying it out.

Last Saturday, Utah defeated San Diego State by a score of 35-7 thanks to four touchdown passes from quarterback Cam Rising.



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