How did Anton Fier die? The Feelies drummer Cause of death Revealed


How did Anton Fier die? The Feelies drummer Cause of death Revealed

American drummer, producer, composer, and bandleader Anton Fier passed away at age 66. Let’s see how did he die, what happened, and what was Anton Fier Cause of Death.


How did Anton Fier die?

At the age of 66, Anton Fier, a significant character in the downtown NYC scene, passed away. The news of American drummer Anton Fier’s passing is therefore widely spread on social media.

Fier was a part of the early lineups for both The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies. The Golden Palominos were founded with him.

Fier additionally worked with Pere Ubu, was an associate of The Lodge (with John Greaves), and briefly joined the Voidoids.

On 1978, Pere Ubu paid tribute to Fier on the Datapanik in the Year Zero EP. Bob Mould, the Hüsker Dü’s guitarist, singer, and composer, collaborated closely with Bill Laswell and also toured and recorded with Fier.

Fier died on August 20, 2022, according to his Wikipedia article. Let’s examine this topic in more detail to learn the reason for Anton Fier’s passing.


Anton Fier Cause of Death

At the age of 66, the American drummer Anton Fier passed away. His reason of death hasn’t been made public, though.

Furthermore, there hasn’t been any formal confirmation of his passing. However, Wednesday night saw the flow of condolences from friends and coworkers despite the lack of an official declaration.

Medico topics have been trying to reach out to the family and relatives for comment on the incident. So far no responses have been received. We will update the page once enough information is available. More information on Anton Fier Cause of Death will be added soon.


What happened to Anton Fier?

At the age of 66, Anton Fier died. However, nobody knows what happened to him or how he passed away.

Tweets and posts on Anton Fier’s passing swamped social media. But many, including his supporters, are concerned about how he passed away.

American rapper Anton was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, where he also spent the most of his formative years.

Additionally, there is no other information available about his family or the occupation of his parents. We do, however, hope that his family will soon make known what transpired.

Once the details are made public, we’ll keep you informed about his passing and Anton Fier’s cause of death on this page.


Who is Anton Fier?

American drummer, producer, songwriter, and bandleader Anton Fier. In the United States, he was born in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Lounge Lizards and The Feelies both included Fier in their early lineups. He co-founded The Golden Palominos, was a member of The Lodge (with John Greaves), collaborated with Pere Ubu, and temporarily joined the Voidoids. Fier was honoured on the Datapanik in the Year Zero EP by Pere Ubu from 1978.

Anton Fier (Golden Palominos, Feelies, Lounge Lizards) has died


Anton Fier Career

In addition to working closely with Bill Laswell, Bob Mould, the guitarist, singer, and songwriter for the Hüsker Dü, also toured and recorded with Fier. He collaborated with Japanese guitarist Kenji Suzuki and bassist Jack Bruce on the 1987 album Inazuma Super Session – “Absolute Live!! “.

In 1983, Fier contributed to and recorded for the John Zorn-produced album Locus Solus. For Zorn’s 50th birthday party, they recorded a live album, 50th Birthday Celebration Volume 3 in the 50th birthday series on Tzadik Records.

The 1988 album Drivin’ N Cryin’, Whisper Tames The Lion, the 2009 album Orange by guitar virtuoso Jim Campilongo, and Lianne Smith’s Two Sides of a River, on which Fier also played drums, are just a few of the albums that Fier also produced.


Tribute to Anton Fier

Bob Mould said,

Anton Fier brought endless power, emotion, and intensity to all the music he created and touched. I learned so much about music from Anton. I’m so grateful for the time we had together. Rest In Peace, my friend.

John Lurie said,

Very sorry to hear about the passing of Anton Fier. The Lounge Lizards would never have gotten off the ground without him. He showed us how to work on music. Demanded it.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma said,

I’ve just been made aware that my longtime friend drummer,composer & leader of the legendary “THE GOLDEN PALOMINOS” ANTON FIER passed away. May his creative work leave a legacy that will continue to inspire us all. My sincerest condolences to his family and who loved him .

Annie Zaleski said,

Very sorry to read on Syd Straw’s Facebook page that the great Anton Fier has died. A Cleveland (and beyond) legend who worked with so many greats (Bob Mould, Bill Laswell, John Zorn) and founded Golden Palominos. “Alive and Living Now” is life-affirming.



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