US expert Antony Fauci claims half an effective vaccine enough

US expert Anthony Fauci told the vaccine against COVID-19 will be available by the end of this year and 2021 will be on the safe side, In an interview with the American news broadcaster PBS.

US expert Fauci believes half an effective Covid-19 vaccine enough 1
Covid 19 vaccine will get to Americans in 2021, says US expert Anthony Fauci

US expert Antony Fauci
 said the deadline for getting the vaccine would not be lowered beyond the start of next year. Also added that even half an effective vaccine is enough to bring the world back to normal within a year. US President Donald Trump announced that a vaccine could be developed by November 3. But US expert Antony Fauci is of the opinion that it will not be until the beginning of next year to reach public.

When asked about the Sputnik V vaccine, the fact that there is a vaccine does not mean that it can be used. It is important to fully consider whether the vaccine is effective, safe or has no side effects.

         Medical ethics are written in blood and you cannot deny it. Allowing a corona virus vaccine before head tests is tantamount to going on the train and putting your head in it. Also this calls into question the safety, effectiveness and reliability of the vaccine. The bitter truth is that this politics of vaccination calls into question the safety of the people.

US expert Fauci believes half an effective Covid-19 vaccine enough
Samples of  Sputnik V vaccine against the COVID-19 developed by the Gamaleya Research Institute, Russia.
          Russia, however, not only dismissed concerns about the vaccine but also described it as the envy of Western nations. President Vladimir Putin confirmed the effectiveness of the vaccine and said one of his daughters was given the drug. He said she felt better afterwards.
         The country plans to develop a large-scale vaccine in October. Moscow’s plan would pave the way for other governments to go behind the vaccine with the aim of developing a vaccine without proper testing, endangering public safety.

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