Tip Top bread factory accident: How did the 57-year-old employee die? Explained


Tip Top bread factory accident: How did the 57-year-old employee die? Explained

Tip Top bread factory accident: Tip Top is “deeply saddened” by the loss of a worker in a Sydney factory. Let’s see the Tip Top bread factory accident and How did the employee die in detail


  • According to reports, a forklift at the Tip Top site caught a factory worker, age 57.
  • Emergency personnel arrived at the Chullora facility at 4 am on Thursday.
  • At the scene, the man was declared dead, and Tip Top shut down the factory.
  • Friday’s Brea deliveries were canceled, and there won’t be as many on Saturday.

How did the employee die?

An employee’s death as a result of a workplace accident at a plant in Sydney has saddened a renowned Australian business. The passing of a worker at a facility in western Sydney has “seriously upset” a well-known Australian baker.

At 4 am on Thursday, according to the police, a man passed away at the Tip Top bread factory in Chullora. Following allegations of a workplace accident, emergency personnel was rushed to the scene on Muir Rd.

A 57-year-old was critically hurt, according to police, after getting stuck by a forklift. He passed away at the factory.

A representative for Tip Top said, “Tip Top is very saddened by this occurrence and extends its heartfelt condolences to the family of our colleague. At Tip Top, employee and community health and safety are of utmost importance and are taken extremely seriously.

Following the fatal workplace accident, counseling services are being made available to all staff, according to the bread company.

The death was not regarded as suspicious by police. Tip Top said that it would assist in the investigations into the man’s death being conducted by the NSW Police and SafeWork.

The Chullora factory’s operations have been suspended since the disaster, but they are scheduled to start back up at 3 p.m. on Friday. The bakery declared that it would keep collaborating with law enforcement and customers.

Tip Top's Statement

Tip Top’s Statement

Following the terrible incident, Tip Top released a statement in which it stated that bread delivery will be impacted for the next two days.

“An incident has interrupted operations at our Chullora production location and will affect delivery tomorrow and throughout the weekend,” the statement reads.

On Friday, November 25, there won’t be any deliveries. Due to our limited capacity, we will be unable to assist with any order revisions for Saturday deliveries on November 26.

Additional notice will be given if your delivery schedule is altered in any other way. We apologize for any difficulty and appreciate your patience and support at this difficult time.

It is anticipated that police will draught a report for the coroner after completing a forensic investigation of the scene. It’s also possible that NSW SafeWork officers are on the scene.


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The grieving family of an apprentice who was slain at a construction job at the age of 18 shares their rage over his passing.

Patrizia and Rob Cassaniti spoke with 60 Minutes reporter Tara Brown about their sadness at the tragic loss of their son, Christopher, and their resolve to ensure that his death will not go in vain.

The distraught father laments, “It shouldn’t have happened.” It was such a huge firm that built buildings. How did this occur?


Christopher Cassaniti, who had just turned 18, was killed when a 17-meter scaffolding tower fell at his workplace in Sydney’s Macquarie Park, trapping him behind a huge pile of steel. He had just celebrated his 18th birthday The loss of a child, according to Mrs. Cassiniti, is one of the worst things that may occur in life. It’s true what they always say.

Just a few meters from Christopher’s workplace, Mrs. Cassiniti ran a coffee cart that catered to the Macquarie Park construction workers.

She hurried to the building site as soon as she heard about the event. When she learned her small son was trapped under the debris, she relates the anguish, desperation, and shock she experienced. If the legislation is put into effect, careless bosses might face jail time.

The Cassaniti family tells 60 Minutes that they are adamant about fighting to hold people accountable for their son’s death. “I was wholly in denial. I simply cried and exclaimed, “No.” He’s too young, thus it’s not conceivable. I stated, “He’s 18,” He has a powerful heart. Return to the area and take whatever action you can. Sadly, Christopher was beyond saving. They ought to experience the same suffering as we do, claims Mr. Cassiniti. “Make them realize that our boy’s life was lost as a result of their choice,” I said.





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