Clash with gunmen: How did General Jose Silvestre Urzua die? Explained

General Jose Silvestre Urzua

General José Silvestre Urzúa, coordinator of the National Guard in Zacatecas, lost his life in the line of duty. Let’s see how Zacatecas coordinator of the National Guard died and General Jose Silvestre Urzua cause of death in detail.

How did General Jose Silvestre Urzua die?

The Zacatecas government expressed grief over the passing of General José Silvestre Urza Padilla, who oversaw the state’s National Guard.

During an operation against organized crime on Thursday, the commander of the Mexican National Guard in the state of Zacatecas was killed, according to the authorities.

Governor David Monreal Avila of the Morena Party acknowledged this, stating that justice will be served for the murder, which occurred this Thursday in the town of Pinos.

Security Minister Rosa Icela Rodriguez announced on Twitter that General Jose Silvestre Urzua, one of the militarized police force’s highest-ranking officers and the head of its Zacatecas division, passed away while carrying out his official duties.

According to the state prosecutor’s office, four National Guard members were also injured in the conflict.

General Jose Silvestre Urzua cause of death:

The members of organized crime killed General José Silvestre Urza Padilla, the coordinator of the National Guard. The incident happened in Zacatecas after about six hours of conflict.

Urza Padilla was hurt and sent to the Secretariat of Public Security’s hospital on a helicopter to receive treatment. Three guards and two Investigative Police officers were hurt in the altercation. A minimum of five suspected criminals’ deaths were also recorded.

The National Guard Coordinator perished when the aircraft touched down in the town of Guadalupe, just a few meters from the Military Zone, upon arriving at the hospital.

Zacatecas conflict- Clash with gunman:

General José Silvestre Urzúa died after the conflict with an armed man. Conflicts between criminal gangs have made Mexico’s central state of Zacatecas one of the most violent countries in the world. Gang fights is common on Zacatecas over drug trafficking. Last year, the state recorded 1,050 murders, about 200 more than in 2020.

In an effort to reduce violence, lawmakers this month authorized extending the military’s role in maintaining public security until 2028.

Additionally, Congress has decided to give the army command over the National Guard. After taking office at the end of 2018, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador supported the formation of the National Guard in an effort to combat organized crime and eradicate pervasive police corruption in its predecessor, the federal police.

Tributes to General José Silvestre Urzúa 

Joaquín López-Dóriga tweeted,

Hasta esta hora, las 19, ninguna reacción del Comandante Supremo de las Fuerzas Armadas @lopezobrador_a la muerte del general José Silvestre Urzúa Padilla, coordinador estatal de seguridad en Zacatecas, caído en un enfrentamiento con delincuentes. Así la distancia

Fermin Salgado commented,

Olvidense de los besos y abrazos esa gente no perdona

Francisco Reyes commented,

Pero pos Morena y el Gran Panochon dicen que todo está bien!

Ely Ramos posted,

Killed during confrontation General José Silvestre Urzúa, coordinator of the National Guard in #Zacatecas. Information in the works.

Guadalupe Castillo commented,

Descanse en paz Dios lo reciba en su santa gloria pronta resignación a sus familiares .

Hasta cuando va a dejar de pasar eso pero dijera Lopez obrador abrazos y no balazos y a ti están las consecuencias lastima q no apruebe los derechos d los militares porque si ellos matan los agarran presos pero mata un delincuente y lo dejan libre lo q hace el $Bendiciones para todos Dios les cuide su camino a cada un@ de ustedes


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